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Graduation: The Best Of pureNRG [edit]
by pureNRG | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 20, 2010

PureNRG, one of the most popular tween groups in the Christian music industry, announced their plans to bring the groupís musical career to a close at the end of 2010. As a farewell and thanks to their fans, the pop trio released a Best Of collection exclusively through Family Christian Stores.

The fans chose pureNRG to re-record the Steven Curtis Chapman hit "Dive," and they also chose the song "Summertime" from their debut album to be included on this project.

Track Listing
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01. Dive
02. Hands And Feet
03. Footloose
04. Here We Go Again
05. What If
06. Call On Jesus
07. Radio
08. 360
09. Summertime
10. It's All About You
11. Like
12. Thy Word
13. 360 (ReNRGized Version)
14. Someday (Sing-A-Long)
15. Before The Sun Goes Down (Sing-A-Long)

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LampaFan (184)

Bum Project | Posted June 06, 2010
Although they have gone down since their fantastic debut, pureNRG has been one of my favorite acts and I am sad to see them go. I am also sad that this project is so unfortunate.

Alhough I have not heard them yet and wish they had done two original songs instead, I am sure pureNRG has done a fantastic job on their 2 cover songs. On the other hand, their picks for best songs are a bit lackluster.

Their debut has the most representations with 5 slots. This is a good thing, because their debut is easily their best album. "Footloose", "What If" and the fan's choice "Summertime" are all very worthy features, but I would have rather seen "Live My Life For You" and "Pray" over "360" (which is included AGAIN as the reNRGized version) and the so-so "Thy Word" (there's too many covers as it is, why not stick some originals in here?)

"Here We Go Again" and "Like" are two very good picks from their sophomore release Here We Go Again. Also, their best cover song "Call On Jesus" is included, which rivals the original.

"Radio" and "It's All About You" are good choices, because they are the only good songs from their third album The Real Thing.

The "360" remix from reNRGized is pretty decent and one of the best choices from that album to include. But, like I mentioned earlier, they didn't neat to feature both the remix and original.

Lastly, the karaoke tracks are just heinous. "Someday" and "Before the Sun Goes Down" are some of the WORST sing-a-long choices because they are so lackluster and boring. They are a group with the word "Energy" represented and I would just not have any fun singing these songs... not to mention, the vocal tracks aren't even included, so how am I supposed to know how the song goes unless I buy the other albums?? Songs like "Summertime" or "It's All About You" would have been much better choices. (Of course, it was the fans choice so it's not entirely their fault... but I will tell you... I did NOT choose these songs).

Overall, if you are a new fan, this is a decent representation of their best songs (though I'm still peeved about "Live My Life For You" and "Pray" which are some of their strongest songs), but if you're someone who already has all their albums, just buy the 2 new songs off of iTunes or Amazon.

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akgal (6)

PRE-BUY | Posted May 30, 2010
You can now pre-buy pureNRG's FINAL CD: Graduation. Check out and pre-buy the CD. Available July 20th. You will only be able to purchase this CD at this wesite and

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BURN YOUR MONEY! | Posted January 28, 2011
This really gets only one star for the Egyptian music in "Thy Word". The rest of the songs are mostly very boring! There is so little content on the DVD that it barely lasts half an hour! Do not buy this! It is a waste of money!

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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Posted June 16, 2010
Graduation: the best of pureNRG is a great CD!! it is fun, energetic, and upbeat! pureNRG really sticks to their worship message in their final, farewell album. this is a great cd for any tween/teen!!

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akgal (6)

SOON | Posted March 23, 2010
The CD hasn't come out yet, but I'm already can't wait. I'm eger to hear the song Dive origally recorded by Stevern Curtis Chapman. But in pureNRG style. And to see what thier other nre recorded song is goin to be.

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