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City On Our Knees - CD Single [edit]
by TobyMac | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 17, 2009

TobyMac's new album releases February 9th of next year, but you can get a little (very little) taste of what's to come with the physical release of the single of "City On Our Knees."

If you have already bought the single on iTunes, this may be a waste of your time (if all you're interested in is the music, that is). The single (more like EP), opens with the title, R&B track which is a great song in itself; very inspirational and uplifting. The next two songs are remixes. The first one, "Lose My Soul (Shoc Remix)," is, in my opinion, probably the worst remix I've heard. In fact, it makes Relient K's remix of Family Force 5's song "The First Time" look really good. As for "Boomin' (UTB Remix)", you get your money's worth if you haven't already purchased it off of iTunes with the remix for "Ignition" (which would have been a much better choice to put on this album than the "Lose My Soul" remix). The remix for "Boomin'" also features a new rap interlude from Shonlock, a member of TobyMac's band, Diverse City.

The final track on the single is an interview with none other than Toby himself. It's a good 15 minutes of Toby talking about the making of the new record, and it's pretty interesting. The interview features a few snippets of some songs from the new record, Tonight, and the future certainly looks bright for fans of his work.

My final thoughts about this CD single: unless you're interested in hearing this interview (which you could probably find somewhere online), don't waste your time, and just buy the single off of iTunes and forget the "Lose My Soul" remix even exists.

Written by Michael Schaffer.

Track Listing
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01. City On Our Knees
02. Lose My Soul (Shoc Remix)
03. Boomin' (UTB Remix featuring Shonlock)
04. Interview

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Check it Out! | Posted January 04, 2010
If you haven?t gotten this single CD yet, you may be wondering why you should buy it when the new album is just around the corner. Let me assure you that it?s worth every penny! Containing the hit single ?City On Our Knees? and cleverly adding in a piano-ladden ?Lose My Soul? remix and the catchy ?Boomin?? remix from the special edition of Portable Sounds, this CD packs more than the average CD single. And perhaps even more fun than the songs is the 15 minute interview with Toby at the end! Toby gives his fans a behind-the-scenes peak at the new record, serving up clips from three new songs as well as the story behind them. He also explains the God-filled story behind ?City On Our Knees? and why he chose that song as the first single instead of ?Get Back Up.? (Which I found quite insightful! I was curious as to why he had changed it.) All in all, I felt that I got a pretty sweet deal on this baby! I?d pay twice as much for it if I had to! Go check it out!

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City On Our Knees CD Single By tobyMac | Posted June 26, 2013
 This is a awesome CD Single for City On Our Knees from tobyMac. I love it and it is includes the awesome single which is City On Our Knees. It also has a awesome instrumental version of City On Our Knees that I love a lot. There is also a awesome tobyMac's Feel It Mix for City On Our Knees which I do love a lot. Be sure to get this CD Single for City On Our Knees from tobyMac. You will love it when you listen to it more than once. I highly recommend it for fans of tobyMac. if you love or like music from tobyMac then you will love this awesome CD Single from tobyMac. Be sure to get it and listen to it on repeat then you will loving it too. 

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Awesome song! | Posted August 27, 2010
I love city on our knees sooo much! It is one of my all time favorite songs ever! Toby Mac has some awesome songs, some a little to much rap oriented for me but I like him anyway!

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wow... | Posted July 08, 2010
never thought i'd be doing this, but here i am writing a review for a Toby Mac album... :0

honestly i've never been too wild about Toby Mac, and really don't care for his music, but City On Our Knees changed my mind... :D not saying that i'm a fan of his now, but i love his song City On Our Knees! :D it's definitely one of the best songs of all time!! :D

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City On Our Knees | Posted February 13, 2010
"City On Our Knees" is my favorite song of the album, the chorus tells us what we as need to be like not a city, but a nation on our knees.

This Single features some Re:mixes that are awesome I would have bought the single just for "City On Our Knees" but any Single that has more than a single on it is awesome.

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justink (115)

OK | Posted January 21, 2010
Ok so this song is one of my most hated songs of 2009 and will probably stay that way for 2010


i like that this CD has more than just a single song on it- i like that he has given more remixes- because he generally is good at producing solid remixes of his songs.

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Listen up | Posted January 21, 2010
The "City on Our Knees ep" was a great ep. Not only did it contain the smash hit "City on Our Knees" from tobyMac's up-coming album Tonight ,but also came with remixes for two of Portable Sounds' songs "Lose my Soul" which was more piano driven in the remix and the "Boomin" remix that came with Shonlock's amaizing verse added into the remix. Along with the tunes came an awesome interview where toby discussed his writing proscess and the meaning and story behind a few of the songs off the new record.

I highly recommend the ep,it is deffinately worth the couple of dollars.

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