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Jeremy Camp Live [edit]
by Jeremy Camp | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 17, 2009

Jeremy Camp Live - recorded in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA- features some of Jeremy's biggest hits ("Take You Back", "Walk By Faith", "There Will Be A Day) recorded over the course of Spring 2009 and is packed with over 14 songs! Jeremys' previous "Live Unplugged in Franklin" DVD was just certified by RIAA double platinum!

Track Listing
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01. Capture Me
02. Give You Glory
03. Tonight
04. This Man
05. Walk By Faith
06. Hallelujah/You Never Let Go
07. Let It Fade
08. Talking
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09. Speaking Louder Than Before
10. There Will Be A Day
11. Take You Back
12. Take My Life
13. Lay Down My Pride
14. Right Here
15. Give Me Jesus

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A TRUE Live Album At It’s Best! | Posted November 19, 2009
I am not a real big fan of live albums that DON?T sound live. That might seam like a crazy statement but it?s a true one?a real live album to me is a live album that includes SCREAMING fans, somewhat live ?shaky? vocals?, the artists talking, and the inclusion of EVERYTHING--mistakes and all. Jeremy Camp?s newest release, his second live album but his first with a band (his first being acoustic)?covers ALL these bases.

Half of this album was recorded in Los Angeles, California while he was on the ?Boomin? Beyond Measure? tour with tobyMac back in 2008 (most of the older music off of ?Stay? and ?Beyond Measure?) while the half of the album with the newer music off of his latest ?Speaking Louder Than Before? was recorded back in early 2009 while on the ?Rock and Worship Roadshow? tour in Dallas, Texas.

This album captures what is a Jeremy Camp concert at it?s absolute best?straight ahead worship, the falling of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God preached right from the stage, as well as a TON of laughs had by all. Jeremy has made it VERY clear whenever he tours that it is not just a ?show??but a time to connect with God and be changed by His word, to fall on our faces before Christ and receive all that He is and what He has done for us?that is what makes his show one of my FAVORITES in all of Christian music. This album takes that and displays that in it?s fullness.

Fan favorites such as ?Take You Back?, ?Lay Down My Pride?, ?Tonight?, and ?Let It Fade? are among some of the newer hits such as ?There will be A Day? and the new live version of ?This Man?, also throwing in the VERY powerful edition of ?Hallelujah? and a cover of Matt Redman?s ?You Never Let Go?. ?Take My Life?, one of Jeremy?s heaviest rock songs makes the cut for this album, throwing in the addition of strings and one of the catchiest rock sections I?ve EVER heard on a live album--fantastic! The album comes to a moving close with ?Give Me Jesus?.

The only problem with this album is that I found it to be entirely too short! 15 tracks might seam like a lot, but in ?live concert time? that adds up to about 45 minutes worth of music--other than that? This easily ranks as one of my new favorite live albums. BEC Records didn?t cut any corners with this one--this is a live albums the way live albums are supposed to be made--real, raw and fun. I only wish all live albums could be made this way?

Jeremy Camp fans, DON?T miss this one. It won?t be long into the album before your longing to go see this amazing live show for yourself. :)

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piano89 (45)

Jeremy Camp Live | Posted November 17, 2009
With five studio albums now under his belt, Jeremy Camp releases his second full-length
live album, shortly after the first went double-platinum. This time, instead of going
“unplugged,” Camp and his band bring out the electric guitars and drumsticks for the full
live experience.

Live is a sensible mix of songs from Camp’s repertoire, including hits like “Tonight,”
“Let It Fade,” and fan favorites such as the hard-hitting “Take My Life.” Noticeably
absent is the heart-wrenching “I Still Believe,” but surely this song has been worn out.

The album breaks half way through for a brief message. Camp shares his heart for this
generation and encourages the audience to reach out to others by serving and speaking
the truth, a perfect segue into “Speaking Louder Than Before.”

A few tracks, “Give Me Jesus” and “There Will Be A Day,” are powerful and captured
well. However, other tracks like “Capture Me,” “Give You Glory,” “This Man,” and
“Tonight” feel very underwhelming. The recordings hardly convey the energy that
undoubtedly was experienced by the audience. This is often an issue with live recordings
and is usually remedied (somewhat) with live footage. Oddly, this live album does not
include an accompanying DVD, which could prove to be the album’s downfall.

Closing Thoughts:
The question arises then - Is Live worth the buy? For loyal Jeremy Camp fans, the
obvious answer is yes. For casual fans- probably not. If you’re on the fence, I’d
recommend picking up Camp’s Unplugged album first. Though it lacks his more recent
songs, the intimate setting makes for a more authentic and enjoyable performance (plus it includes a DVD).

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ruthw7 (55)

Jeremy Camp, Live | Posted November 23, 2009
I liked the album very much. Some of the songs I was familiar with. We sing those songs at church. Some of the songs on this album, I was not familiar with, but I still liked the songs. I would love to hear this album again.

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wencdj (34)

Live but not kicking | Posted November 22, 2009
Jeremy Camp Live, the latest for the creed like worship crooner, should appeal to the legion of Campites, but to those not in that camp (sorry, I couldn't resist), there isn't much to set it apart from the others. Tonite is the radio favorite from the album. Personally I much prefer It is well, the studio worship selection from Kutless. It is much harder. Personally, the best live worship album is ardent worship Skillet:Live.

The album mixes styles, some creed like, others southern rock ala Third Day, otherwise typical alternative rock. Maybe its due to its 'worship album' niche, but Camp never seems to cut loose, and he does in a lot of the studio albums. The album sounds restrained and safe.

In my opinion, what this album needs is a distinctive, exotic, sound, maybe from somewhere like South Africa. Oh yeah, that's right that was the Benjamin Gate. Thanks Jeremy. Now that would get 5 stars from me. Benjamin Gate Live.

If you already love Jeremy Camp, you'll probably love this album. Anyone else should probably wait for the next studio release.

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Awesome | Posted November 18, 2009
This CD is absolutely awesome. Jeremy Camp is such an inspirational person and he expresses it all so well through his music. You can definetely tell by listening to this CD his feelings and undying love for GOD.

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Jeremy Camp Live | Posted November 17, 2009
I love Jeremy Camp. He has a way brining you into a special time of worship. His heart speaks through his lyrics and music. I would highly recommend this album. In a time when you feel you are so small and realize there is someone who loves you and cares for you. It's a time of worship you can experience with your whole family. Great Job Jeremy

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