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The Twenty-First Time [edit]
by Monk & Neagle | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: September 18, 2007

Road trip-worthy albums don't come around every day. You know the ones you'd listen to again and again, letting the words become a part of you? Music that is full of truth, yet still fun and optimistic about the miles ahead.

The Twenty-First Time from Monk & Neagle is one for the journey, showing how faith lives and breathes into the corners of everyday life. With songs about spiritual conviction, worship toward God, and love ballads to their wives, this eclectic mix offers a balanced view of how faith transforms the whole person.

The magical harmony of this storytelling, singer/songwriter duo captures the heart and imagination from beginning to end, and beckons you to let the listening take you where it will. The road awaits.

For fans of Bebo Norman, John Mayer.

Track Listing
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01. Beautiful You
02. The Twenty-First Time
03. Hallelujah, Jesus
04. Stars Would Fall
05. What Soldiers Do
06. Yours Forever
07. More Than That
08. Wonderful Angel
09. Fallin'
10. Into Orbit
11. What Soldiers Do (The Remix)

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My "Happy Surprise" Of The Year | Posted September 20, 2007
This album may very well be my "happy surprise" of the year. After a less than impressive debut a few years back on Flicker Records, I almost passed on even giving this album a chance, but after Reunion Records (their new label) played a few songs for me and asked if they could take part in a NRTeam Album Preview, I was forced to listen to the entire album. To think that The Twenty-First Time could have gone buried in my stack of "music to get to too eventually" is a shame. It's one of the better albums of the year.

Fans of John Mayer, Bebo Norman and Shawn McDonald will instantly love the acoustic drive of this album. Those who love the story telling of Mark Schultz and Casting Crowns will love the lyrics of songs like "Beautiful You," "What Soldiers Do" and "Wonderful Angel." If your favorite music is typically driven by vertical worship like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder*Band and Sonicflood, you won't be able to put this album down. Personally, I think Monk & Neagle are now in great company.

One of my favorite things about this album is the clarity of the lyrics over very simplistic music. There are a lot of love songs to wives, families and Jesus on this album. On "Beautiful You" they sing "The only thing I ever wanna do / Beautiful You / Is have you hold me in your arms." It's a great song that would apply to any relationship, but in this example, they are singing to the one who "put the stars in the sky and then taught them to shine." My wife can't do that, but it's a great example that we should love Jesus first, and our family second. Most guys have trouble expressing "love" and "admiration" to a God that typically has a "male" image in our society. It's a nice change of pace that can't go unnoticed and it's duplicated over and over. Monk & Neagle don't just love Jesus, they adore Him.

Overall, listening to The Twenty-First Time encourages me to love God more as well as everyone around me, even those I've never met. It also encourages me to start from the start and listen all over again. And that's a sign of a great album.

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Free CD?.....lame.....oh, maybe not! | Posted April 20, 2011
I actually didn't know about Monk & Neagle until my youngest sister won this CD of theirs in a little game at the fair.  My first thoughts were "oh a free CD, must be pretty lame...", but I was quickly proven wrong! The Twenty-First Time makes me smile with every song, the lyrics are well written, well sung, meaningful, and relatable. The song for which the CD is named is definitely the most convicting and eye-opening song for me as it makes you realize how many times you avoid situations--whether conciously or not--just to remain in your comfort zone. The upbeat yet mellow style of Monk & Neagle I think could be easily enjoyed by just about anyone.

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Monk & Neagle | Posted November 14, 2008
This cd really suprised me. I wasn't a huge fan of these guys before,but this cd changed my mind. All of the songs are really good acoustic pop.Into Orbit and Twenty First Time are my favorites. Oh,and What Soldiers Do is an incredible song.I say look for these two guys in the future, they are extremely talented and they know how to write catchy choruses with a meaning behind them.

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The Twenty-First Time I hope is followed by Seven Times Seventy | Posted April 20, 2008
These talented young men remind us of the simplicity of loving Jesus. It's not about how much scripture we know, time spent prayer, reading His word or giving to His Kingdom.

Rather, "what you do to the least of these you do unto me". It is reminiscent of Bruce Carrol's hit in the late 80s/early 90s "Who will be Jesus."

Hallelujah Jesus reminds us, Jesus is our friend, we're His brothers and sisters, Joint Heirs with Christ, King's and Priest's. Yet we worship and adore a God who chose to die for our sins BEFORE the "foundations of the world." Such love is so amazing, it can not be comprehended!

He's our friend, brother and has allowed us to sit with Him in heavenly places. Yet Jesus remains the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Amen. Heaven Isn't a place, it's the person of Jesus (Jn 17:3). And what we do to the least of these we do unto Jesus!

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Hanno (1)

beautiful you | Posted March 18, 2008
I love the song Beautiful You. Great album!!

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Unexpected | Posted December 23, 2007
I used to know about Monk & Neagle but I really never knew what songs they sang and if they were good or not.

I was just curious and listened to their cd and the songs were surprisingly good. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite groups and I can't wait for their next album to come out. These guys do a great job musically and lyrically with love songs to God and their wives. The lyrics on "The Twenty-First Time" are powerful and encourage us to give help to the needy.

Other notables on this album are "Beautiful You", "Hallelujah Jesus" and "Stars Would Fall (I'm Crazy").
Overall, this album is great and is definitely worth buying.

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Excellent | Posted November 14, 2007
I loved this album. All the songs are great!! I especially liked the song "What Soldiers Do".

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cmt06g (26)

Great CD | Posted November 12, 2007
Monk and Neagle put out an excellent album. These guys have got their harmony's down! I saw them live and they are really awesome. This cd won't disappoint.

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Twenty-first Time/Monk & Neagle | Posted September 15, 2007
Okay, so this album hasn't come out yet, but not only are they opening for shane and shane,and mercyme, I really like their sound! I will definitely be making a purchase on Tuesday. The Twenty-first time is quite thought provoking, and it could easily become a favorite.

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Monk and Neagle | Posted September 11, 2007
this is an awesome album, from beginning to end. i only recently discovered m&n when i heard 21st time on the radio and they are now one of my top favorite groups! Their songs really make you think about your life and your walk with Christ. AWESOME!

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Good CD | Posted August 03, 2007
This is an awesome cd. I love the songs "Hallelujah Jesus," "Twenty First Time" and "What Soldiers Do." This is definitely worth buying when it comes out.

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