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The Dash [edit]
by John "The Tonic" Wells | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: March 31, 2009

John Wells (The Tonic) delivers his unique perspective on life, hip-hop and modern Christianity on his forthcoming release, The Dash.

Multiple Dove Award nominations, a Stellar Award nomination and 2 Grammy® nominations bear witness to the fact that he is no novice when it comes to using his art for to impact this generation. With over 15 years in Christian hip-hop ministry, this solo project is definitely the fulfillment of a dream deferred for The Tonic.

For all of us, the two most important days in life are the birth date and the death date. But what is often overlooked is the “insignificant” dash that separates the two. The Dash symbolizes the life lived, represents the worth of our existence on earth and determines the itinerary for the life to come. Having suffered illness that he believed at the time would bring him to the brink of death, The Tonic urges a decision of belief in Christ and unadulterated service to God while The Dash of our lives is still being etched.

One of The Cross Movement’s key hit writers (I Am That I Am, Live Agua, SPare Change, Forever And 9/10), Wells continues his signature style with a variety of songs that make it hard to place him in one particular rap category. Whether your vibe is rugged, street gritty tracks or eclectic keyboard loops, The Dash is sure to satisfy hip-hop enthusiasts and critics alike.

Track Listing
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01. Dash In (Intro)
02. The Signature
03. Can’t Count Me Out ft. Iz-Real
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04. Sin Universal ft. R-Swift
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05. Really Know Me
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06. Dot Dot Dash (Interlude)
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07. No Time ft. EarthQuake
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08. Da Body ft. Cruz Cordero & Enock
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09. The Greatest ft. Ron Jacob
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10. Dr. Visit (Interlude)
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11. Probably Nothing ft. Mac the doulos & T.R.U.-L.I.F.E.
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12. Who Shot Cha
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13. Prayers’ Ball
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14. Don’t Start Nothing
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15. Deliver Us ft. Shachah
16. The Dash ft. La’Tia Johnson
17. Dash Out (Outro)
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18. Bonus Track: I Am…Still! ft. La’Tia & Keran
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Can't Count Him Out | Posted August 10, 2009
In a world of autotune and over-produced tracks, The Tonic keeps it real. He puts enough beats and melody to get you to listen, but his lyrical and theological maturity keeps you listening. His latest CD, "The Dash" is a great example of how keeping things simple can make music great. For example, on "Can't Count Me Out", a background vocal chant is used to make the melody, then Tonic raps over the melody. No fancy techniques, just some beats and vocals.
I enjoyed this CD because it is an escape from today's music where lyrics are drowned out by over-produced tracks. Listeners will enjoy Tonic's great flow and clear message: "the dash"- our life here on Earth-is just as important as birth and don't waste this short span of time!


-Can't Count Me Out
-Sin Universal
-Really Know Me
-No Time
-Deliver Us
-Bonus Track: I Am...Still!

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Changing My Mind | Posted March 31, 2009
It seems like it must have been a year ago I heard "I Am . . . Still" on my local Christian Radio station. What is this? I asked myself. It was infectious. It was powerful. I loved it. But I don't like Rap. I don't like Hip-Hop. There was something about this song that began to change my thinking.
Now The Tonic's album is out and the change is complete. This is powerful stuff. The teaching, the doctrine, the theology is clear and yet the beat, the music is engaging - grabbing you and not letting go until you hear the powerful Word of God and know that God's love is real and that it is for you.
Even the breaks and the interludes are fun and yet meaningful. Tonic's visit to his doctor let us in on his struggles and yet is a victorious declaration of how God has been working in his life.
Personal favorites are "The Signature", "No Time", and, of course, "I Am . . . Still".
You have to get this album!

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