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20/20 [edit]
by Trip Lee | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: May 20, 2008

Do you see Him clearly? You ve heard about God, you ve heard the name Jesus before, but do you really know who He is? With this landmark sophomore album, the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed debut, If They Only Knew, Trip Lee wants to give every listener 20/20 vision. Looking through a Biblical lens, Trip Lee introduces us to the person of God using incredible beats and diverse lyrical flow. As one of most anticipated and truth-centered albums of 2008, this will be a staple for any hip hop fan

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. Superstar (Eyes Off Me)
03. Real Vision
04. Inexhaustible
05. Who Is Like Him?
06. We Told Em
07. Cling To You
08. Relief
09. Behold The Spirit
10. Satisfaction (Hedonist)
11. Come Close
12. Who He Is
13. Intimacy
14. True Security
15. Eyes Open
16. Hip Hop

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20/20 | Posted August 01, 2011
 Trip lee's sophmore try was an astounding win. This is way better all around than his first cd. The production, the raps, and everyting was just better. It starts off with an epic intro which he has a nice little rap to. It goes into arguably the best track "Superstar (eyes off me". he goes hard in this one. He's talking about how he wants this song to let you worship God. He doesn't want the recognition, and he says, "Hey, if you looking for a superstar don't look at me, you got me wrong, I been a sinner all along, Let's look at him and not the songs".
Next comes "Real Vision", another outstanding track which features labelmate Tedashii. This song talks about not listening to what other people say, but take the Bible's word for it. And if you're looking into something make sure it matches with the word. "Inexhaustible is a cathy track, but its not a standout song.

  "Who is like him?" is also really good. He repeats on the chorus, "Who is like him? Nobody!" Thats how great God is, nobody compares. "We told em" starts off with a cool guitar, but he goes into a soft but fast rap. "Cling to you" is one of the downfalls of this album. The whole feel of it didn't excite me. Im also not a big fan of Shai linne. He's a great lyrycist and storyteller, but i just don't particularly like his music and style.

  The whole second half of the cd is not as good, but don't get wrong it's still really good. It just doesn't quite live up to the first half. The highllights of the second half are: "Who he is (Ft. Lecrae, Cam)" and "True Security". The others are good, but just not as good as those.

   I love what Reach Records is doing. Whether its trip, Lecrae, Tedashii or whoever, They've done a fantastic job. I tip my hat to them.

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DGray (4)

Trip Lee - 20/20 | Posted May 14, 2010
To say we like or even love someone we must know who and why we like them. In 20/20, Trip Lee conveys this vital truth; to know God and who He is clearly and perfectly by examining the scriptures instead of basing our assumptions about Him from others or from our own personal idea of God. 20/20 is the Texas' native second solo album. His first project, If They Only Know, was recorded while he was in high school along with being on other compilation albums under Reach Records that featured artist Lecrae, Tedashii, Json, and Thi'sl. But Trip Lee's finest moment that became the launching pad for his name and career came when he featured on Lecrae's sophomore album After the Music Stops in the revolutionary Christian hip hop song, Jesus Muzik.

20/20 starts off with an intro that summarizes the problem of not understanding God clearly and how we need to desperately dive into the scriptures. "Superstar (Eyes Off Me)", by far being the most succesful song of 20/20 according to digital sales, Trip Lee displays every effort to get the glory, honor, or fame off of him in this opening hit. The song feels as of it's an alarming emergency as an effective police signal horn blows at the start of the song. He is very extremely humble yet very sincere in getting point across in lines like "I don't want the spotlight, It's not right, I'm not tight, I rep Him when I rock mics" and "No time to flow bout shiny clothes, or shoes, or golden chains. My mind is sold to the God who rose, His truth is on my brain." "Superstar" concentrates on not looking at Christians as the ultimate standard because even in our toughest efforts, we still fall and need grace. But instead to look at Christ becuse he never failed.

"Real Vision" is the base track of the album that has a southern hip hop style beat as the brass play a big role in the hook. Trip Lee along with the help Reach Record recording artist, Tedashii, warn people to not base what you think about God on what others around tell you about Him, not even Christians. But to the look to the Bible first and see if it lines up to what others are saying. He relays this powerful message in catchy lyrical form saying "I don't know what you heard, hope it matches with the Word. I don't know what you think, but it's time to get it straight" repeating in the hook.

"Inexhaustible" is a choreographic dance track that teaches that you can never stop learning about God. Not even the smartest theologians in the world can grasp the gospel completely and that they are barely a scratching the slightest edge of the surface. In fact, the more we learn about God through scripture, the more is to know. What a person may grasp, just multiplies. It's a never-ending beautiful quest to know the Creator. "Who Is Like Him" is an anthem track paraphrasing Isaiah 40 simply saying there has never been or will never be anyone like God while "We Told Em" challenges believers to act out what we say on Sundays and not just "talk a good game" and then fail habitually when an opportunity to share His goodness and love comes around. "Cling to You" features features relaxed-toned rapper, Shai Linne, in a neo-soul, jazz smooth track explaining the natural pain and storms of life and clinging to Jesus, no matter if the situations gets better or even may get worse, but nontheless trusting Him all the way through as your before and after. "Relief" continues the R&B train with serene singer J.R. as Trip Lee takes the listener of on a relaxing trip on speaking on the peace Christians have in the midst of a world filled with sin. "Behold the Spirit" is a dedication to the Holy Spirit, a vital part of the Trinity. It explains how he is the one who convicts people in the first place to even fall in love with Jesus. Yet He is the same as God.

Hedonism is a greek word that means to search and find superior and perfect contentment in pleasure. It has been often long been referred as trying to pursuit perfect pleasure and satisfaction in sex, money, and other materialistic objects. Instead, Trip Lee, points out that this unction to find superior pleasure is natural and that God put it in us. But he did not put in us to find the answer in world but to find it in Him because He is the only one who can fully satisfy the desire. "Satisfaction (Hedonist)" jumps back into the dancing mode as the last lines of the song explains

Say I'm a hedonist I seek my pleasure
Not in sex nope He's much better
Not in wealth nah He's my treasure
Pursuing anything else will just upset you
Say I'm a hedonist I seek my pleasure
Not in sex nope He's much better
Not in wealth nah He's my treasure

"Come Close" and "Who He Is" features Flame (Grammy Nominated for album Our World Redeemed), Sho Baraka, most successful Christian hip hop rapper Lecrae, and singer Cam. Trip Lee asks the listener to examine the the Bible thoroughly and see the beauty, power, and glory and honor of the whole book. "Who He Is" is a heartfelt song that releases the message that everytime we think of the Lord's goodness, beleivers wanna give him more and more using the body for his purpose alone. "Intimacy" challenges the status quo that a rap song cannot be slow and very affectionate worship song. Using singer Diamone to deepen the feeling of the song, Trip Lee explores the vast beauty of meeting the Lord in the secret place as the melody of song is soothing and Heavenly.

Trip Lee's last two songs "Relief" and "Eyes Open" are infested with classical violins and flutes in contemplative story telling about different real scenarios we as people face such as self-esteem, living in abandoned loss in the world looking for answers, suicide, and even in the pressures of living in a "Holy" setting. In "Eyes Open", J.R. revisits 20/20 to tag along with Trip Lee in praising God that believers can finally see everything in life, clearly and perfectly through Him. In a bonus song, "Hip Hop", Trip Lee challenges the mantra that says rappers live for hip hop but actually hip hop was made for believers by God to be used to by Christians to preach the Gospel and worship Him in a specific fashion.

20/20 is a groundbreaking album that belongs to anyone who wants to hear uncanny lyricism and truth all wrapped in one. You can buy 20/20 by cling on the following links.

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justrun7 (14)

Inspiring | Posted October 23, 2009
I purchased this album when it first came out and I still have not stopped listening to it. Trip has some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. His music is inspiring because he is so young yet has so much knowledge. This inspires me to want to dig in. Listeners make sure to keep your eyes off Trip and keep them on Christ cause Trip ain't no superstar haha.

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sophmore slump? not even close! | Posted July 21, 2009
20/20 is definitely a step forward for Trip Lee. His material is incredible and his lyrics are relevant to anyone of any age. Album highlights include Superstars, Real Vision, and Who He Is. His album is a must have for all Christian Rap fans.

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Review | Posted May 27, 2009
After hearing Trip Lee's debut album "If they Only Knew" I was somewhat dissapointed at what I was hearing. There was a few songs that caught my attention but not enough to continue to listen constintly.

Trip Lee returns with his Sophmore album "20/20".
When hearing of Trip Lee releasing a sophmore album, I was excited to see if he had what it takes to release a sophmore album worth buying. A sophmore album is probably the hardest and most important album any band or artist has to put out. This album could make or break an artist, and let me tell you, this album, "20/20", has made Trip Lee into one of the top rappers in the game.

From the starting track, Superstar(Get your eyes off me) where he starts off telling his listeners not to concentrate on him, but to get ready to learn more about God and not just about Trip Lee. Trip Lee has to be one of the most humble man I've ever heard or met. He has a heart for getting the word out and that is clear all throughout this album on songs such as "Who is Like Him?" "Who He Is" and "True Security"

I give Trip Lee and his co-rappers a 5/5 on this album, and if anyone out there does not have this album yet, go get it, and listen to it with an attitude to learn, because that is what is going to happen.

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