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Chasm EP [edit]
by Then It Ends | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: January 06, 2023

Track Listing
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01. Chasm
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02. Anxiety
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03. Bitter
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04. Lifeless
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Then It Ends: Chasm Review | Posted January 10, 2023
What You Need To Know

Then It Ends is a Christian-based metal band partially made of members from the former bands A Past Unknown and Dividing The Masses. They released their debut album, Restored, in 2020. A year later, they released their first EP, Solace. The band recently released their second EP, Chasm. It's their first release to include guest vocals.

What It Sounds Like

Chasm follows the sound that Then It Ends continues to masterfully craft. Their style of metalcore is memorable and rightfully has seen their fanbase explode in the last two years. Crushing metalcore elements are on display, such as killer breakdowns, brutal vocals, and aggressive music. These four songs range in their mix of melodic, catchy choruses, and hardcore verses.

Spiritual Highlights

Then It Ends has made it clear from their debut that biblical truths are the foundation for their music. With Chasm, it appears that the band has shifted its focus to explore themes of mental health and similar struggles, while still maintaining a positive and hopeful message.

The EP, Chasm, opens with the title track, which deals with the theme of abandonment and betrayal, and encourages the listener not to follow in the footsteps of those who have hurt them. The song "Anxiety" delves into the topic of anxiety, which serves as a powerful reminder of the trials and struggles people go through on this topic. My favorite line is "I have hope/I have all I need/to not be stuck in the mindset of misery."

"Bitter" is the softest song on the EP "Chasm," but it still maintains the band's heavy metalcore sound. The song deals with the theme of recovering empathy and gaining new perspectives after a period of bitterness and pain. Its vulnerability is sure to resonate with many listeners and adds a dimension to the band's EP that can be appreciated by all type of listeners. The last single on the EP is "Lifeless" which concludes the EP with a similar theme to the opening track "Chasm," showcasing a full-circle story of struggles, healing and hope. This song is a confrontation of abuse or addiction with the sobering end "I want change/but I don't want to change."

Best Song

Then It Ends is known for its strong melodic elements and "Bitter" is an excellent example of this aspect of the band's music. Each song on the EP showcases the band's powerful songwriting abilities, exploring universal struggles and emotions in a way that is relatable and mature. The emotional depth of "Bitter" is particularly striking and highlights the band's honesty in their music. This song will be a standout in my playlists and I am sure it will be in many metalcore fans' playlists.

For Fans Of

August Burns Red, Convictions, Bloodlines

Bottom Line

The band's strategy of releasing singles that create an EP is a clever approach for the current streaming market, as it allows them to consistently release new music that is easily accessible to listeners. The music is positive, relatable, and founded on biblical themes, and the band's faith is an important aspect of their work. While the band's debut record had more direct references to their faith, their recent work still conveys a sense of hope and positivity. Then It Ends is a highly respected and watched metalcore band with a promising future.


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