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Stay [edit]
by Jeremy Camp | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 24, 2002

One of the first tenets of writing is to "write what you know" because compositions born out of personal experience resonate more clearly than any other. So when listeners pick up a copy of Jeremy Camp's debut album, they'll hear music born out of a faith that has been tested, a heart that's been broken and a man clinging to the goodness of God.

Twenty-four-year old Jeremy lost his wife of five months to cancer in February 2001 and out of that experience comes Stay, a rock/progressive pop album that reflects this artist's journey of faith. Includes "I Still Believe," "Walk by Faith" and "Take My Life."

Track Listing
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01. Understand
02. Right Here
03. Walk By Faith
04. Stay
05. All The Time
06. I Still Believe
07. One Day At A Time
08. Breaking My Fall
09. Nothing
10. I Know Your Calling
11. Take My Life
12. In Your Presence

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Top Notch Release | Posted November 30, 2009
Twenty-four year old Jeremy Camp's national debut release is filled with the kind of passion and maturity rarely found in today's music, and it's with good reason. To sum up Jeremy's story in one paragraph is unfair, but in February 2001, Jeremy found himself having to deal with the reality of losing his wife of six months to cancer. Out of that experience comes Stay, a collection of twelve songs that goes against everything that one world expect from someone who went through such a personal loss just a year earlier. Hope. Acceptance. Peace. Faith. Thankfulness. All of these themes are omnipresent in each and every song.

Jeremy talks candidly about his struggle on "Breaking My Fall," "Nothing" and "One Day At A Time" where he says "In all these things I will press on / I'll be with you I know it won't be long." But then he brings in peace that he's found through God by saying in "I Still Believe," "I feel your grace fall like rain / From every fingertip / Washing away my pain." I'm sure there were times of anger with God but he certainly does not show that frustration here. This album is seeping with testimony that will knock you to your knees with conviction.

For Jeremy to take such a personal loss public, and then release an album that so openly shows the healing power and the tremendous peace that God brings and is able to provide is simply amazing. With so much pain in life, it's a mystery to me how people make it without the constant and never ending support and presence of our Lord and Savior.

Musically, Stay could stand up against groups like 3 Doors Down, Nickleback and Lifehouse, but honestly, the lyrics are so powerful, it's simply a bonus that the music is top notch as well.

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One Of The BEST Christian Albums Of The 2000's | Posted August 13, 2009
The year is 2002, the tour? Festival Con Dios. Jeremy Camp is an unknown Christian artist who had made a name leading worship at churches in Southern California--yet here he was opening for acts such as The Benjamin Gate, Audio Adrenaline and tobyMac. People didn't know what to expect, but what they walked away with? The songs of a man who had walked though one of the darknest valleys anyone could ever go through, losing his wife to cancer at only 21, and coming out the other side, with his hands held high, praising God for His neverending faithfulness. 'Stay' was relased a few months after Jeremy's run on the tour, and fans were FAR from dissapointed...

'Understand' sets the whole mood of the album--trusting God, even when it's the toughest, to know His Word is, and always will be true. 'Right Here' is a cry to God about knowing He will never leave us nor forsake us, while the biggest hit off the album, the moving 'Walk By faith' (written while on his honeymoon with first wife Melissa) is the firm foundation found in 2 Corinthians 5:7, "we walk by faith not by sight". Written in a time here Jeremy really was walking by faith and not by what he could see, this song is an anthem for anyone walking through trials of fire and trusting God through it all...finding Him faithful always.

'Stay', the title track is the fourth track and it diaplays Jeremy's booming vocal power as well as the amazing musicianship on this album. The music on this cut sounds easily like something you would hear on secular radio--with better lyrics to boot. 'All The Time' and favorite 'I Still Believe' follow up while the lyrically powerful 'One Day At A Time' offers up the raw message of beauty from pain. 'Breaking My Fall' and 'Nothing' slow down this emotional album, with both songs bringing into focus the powerful message of mending and healing. 'I Know Your Calling' (a track taken from one of his earliest indie albums 'Burden Me') is remade for this debut album. Jeremy's acoustic guitar playing on this song shine bright and the lyrics will stand out all on thier own as well.

Fan favorite (and one of Jeremy's most beloved songs to preform live) 'Take My Life' take this album to a whole new level. The grinding rock guitars, crashing symbols, powerful raw lyrics and Jeremy's bouts with the occasional death growl make this a hard one to ignore on this album--whether or not you buy this album, this is a song worth listening to if your into heavier rock music. The album closes on a worshipfl note with passionate praise song 'In Your Presence'. Not like what you might hear on Sunday morning, this is what makes this powerful worship song with heart gripping lyrics so wonderful to listen--and to worship God to.

'Stay' will remian one of the most infulential debut albums in Christian music and, in my opinion, it will stand out as one of the best Christian albums of the 2000's. This is an amazing start for Jeremy Camp, who has been and is going to continue to be, one of the most prominent male vocalists in Chrstian music.

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Wow! | Posted October 30, 2009
So I didn't know that Jememy lost his wife to cancer. This is such an amazing album. And it got even better when I learnt what he went through. Only the love of God can help a man recover from such a tragedy. This album has a whole new meaning now. A perfect cd to put in while you're feeling down.

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eah92 (49)

This album is sweet. | Posted June 14, 2009
Jeremy Camp is such a talented songwriter and singer. He does so well with this album. I got this album and have been listening to him ever since. Really great music.

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awesome ! | Posted October 07, 2008
i love jeremy camp's music! it is vibrant, passionate, beautiful, and glorifying to God. each song is unique and well written.... Great cd and i am excited for more !!!!!!!!!

God BLESS YOU !! Jeremy Camp you rock!!

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romans_8 (73)

Jeremy Camp | Posted August 25, 2008
Jeremy Camp has such a unique sound.
This is a really good cd, especially since it`s so early in Jeremy`s career as a musician.This is an awesome cd!

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Dominating Debut | Posted June 24, 2008
Most artists get better over the years. This is true for Jeremy Camp, but his debut album is amazing. It pulls at your deepest emotions and draws you to the one we should always be drawn to: Jesus Christ. I just found that this particular album, helps me focus on the things in life that matter. You can feel Jeremy's hurt and his passion for the Lord through his struggles. I highly recommend his other albums, they are all fantastic, but this one is definitely one you should get first. Five stars all the way around. Although, for you newer Jeremy fans, this CD is a little bit more edgy and hard rock-esque, but still very good.

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<3 | Posted April 26, 2008
jeremy camp is one of the best male singers to me.
hes not my favorite but hes one of the best.
i got this cd for my birthday and loved it.
ever since then ive wanted all of his other cds.

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RossMan (134)

good | Posted March 15, 2008
good album but its not my favorite by jeremy camp hes deffinatly got some stronger albums but i do like the song stay

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bull42 (50)

Awesome Cd | Posted March 07, 2008
I am a huge Jeremy Camp fan. I have all his CD's. Stay by far is his best. Every song on this CD is good. JC has 3 big hits with "Right Here", "Walk By Faith" and "I Still Believe". Other great songs are "One Day At A Time" and "Breaking My Fall". My favorite and Best Jeremy Camp song ever,"Take My Life" is also on this CD. This CDis a MUST for any listener to Christian music. It is a classic for the ages.

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I Still Believe | Posted February 28, 2008
Wow...this song hits the spot. I love how jeremy camp made this song for his wife after she died and he shows that just because something bad happened he is not going to blame God and draw away from him. we should all learn from this so that when something bad happens you can always know that God is still right there with you.

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Great Debut | Posted February 12, 2008
Jeremy Camp has one of the best voices in music today, in my opinion. His debut album "Stay" is a powerful, melodic masterpiece. My favorite on the album is "In Your Presence". But the album is filled with great music: "Right Here", "Walk By Faith", "I Still Believe", "One Day At A Time", "Breaking My Fall", and the heaviest song on the album "Take My Life". Great debut from one of Christian music's brightest stars.

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