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Famous For EP [edit]
by Alexis Slifer | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 03, 2017

Track Listing
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01. Eagles
02. Only One in the Room
03. Fill You Up
04. Wonder
05. Famous For
06. Wildfire

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The EP of 2017 | Posted January 25, 2018
When God calls us to go, we need to step out in all our faith and trust Him. As one of the founding members of the Christian girls group, The Rubyz, Alexis Slifer felt God calling her to something more. Trusting in God, she stepped away from The Rubyz to start a solo career. With a hint of her new stuff coming from Genesis EP, we knew that as a artist she was maturing and finding her footing in the Christian music world. After years of waiting, she released her debut solo EP, Famous For, November 3rd with BEMA media. Famous For is a work of art displaying her Worship/Pop sound with a amazing voice and strong lyrics about trusting God in whatever and whenever were going through.

The EP starts strong with victorious worship song, "Eagles". "Eagles" is a call to God for Him to lift us up over ever problem we'll face and trusting that He is Sovereign over it all. Sometimes when we can't see past the problems we face, we need to stop trying to see past them and let God lift us above them. Next up is "Only One In The Room", a worship/slow pop sounding track that's a call for God to remove the things in us that are not of Him and for Him to take control. Filled with strong lyrics of a longing for God and for Him to take control, along with Alexis Slifer's vocals make it a amazing song. Bringing up the energy, "Fill You Up" is a pop/worship song that gives hope that no matter how down on empty we fill, He will fill us up with hope, joy, life and a fire for Him.

Stepping up energy to a pop/EDM worship song comes "Wonder". "Wonder" is a song of joy and awe at how God loves us and truly cares for us. This song is a dance too track and might even remind listeners of The Rubyz in style. Title track and previously released single, "Famous For" comes off as one of my favorite worship songs. With a bold anthem and a victorious chorus that God will do what He is famous for through whatever life throws at us, this song is one of the best off the EP. Last but my favorite off the EP is "Wildfire". A song of passion to our God and declaring the fire burning within us to forever glorify His name, this song is awesome! Its pop/worship sound and Alexis's vocals add to this amazing track as a song that wraps us the EP with a clear message living wholeheartedly for Jesus.

Famous For is Alexis Slifer's debut project filled with a strong pop/worship sound with even stronger lyrics that are bold prayers and praises. The EP keeps the worship sound while balancing the pop with it, and keeps the pop sound without drowning it in worship. This EP is a perfect balance musically between my favorite combination, pop/worship. For a debut EP this is a amazing and strong start. The lyrics point to trusting God trough whatever we face while also filled with praises declaring how much He loves us and is burning within us. Famous For is without a doubt the EP of 2017 and one of the best musically projects to release in 2017. I highly recommend this if you enjoy worship/pop with strong lyrics giving praise to the One True God

I hope you all enjoy this EP and don't let my review be your own. Give this EP a listen and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Stay Strong this 2018, God Bless

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Full of Heart and Soul | Posted November 02, 2017
24-year-old Pop Worship artist Alexis Slifer is bringing her passion for worship along with her youthful spirit to her brand new EP Famous For. The six track EP highlights God's faithfulness while bringing out Slifer's love for God, paired with youthful and fun music behind the mature lyrics.

The EP kicks off with moderate-tempo "Eagles," which details mountains and uncertainty while reminding us that God sees the other side of all our circumstances. The chorus is a prayer to see our circumstances as God sees them. "Only One in the Room" is a catchy pop tune that will leave you singing long after the song is over with lyrics of commitment to God and keeping our eyes fixed on Him. "Wonder" is a standout dance track that celebrates all that God has created, reflecting on the wonder of how much He loves us with lyrics like "All of the mountains they rise to the sky / But I'm the apple of Your eye / And all of the oceans crash with a roar / But I'm the one Your heart beats for."

Title track "Famous For" is a declaration of God's character and faithfulness, a battle cry for God to do the miracles that He is famous for in His children's lives. "It's a powerful message to remember the things He's already done and know that He can do them for you too," Slifer said. The song allows rooms to do that with lyrics like "So make way through the waters / Walk us through the fires / Do what You are Famous For / Famous For / Shut the mouths of lions / Raise dead hearts to life / Do what You are famous for."

The EP ends with another pop-infused upbeat track, "Wildfire." It's a song of passion, delight and surrender to God.

The Bottom Line: Slifer brings joy, passion for worship and love for God into an EP that is very well-executed. The EP has something for the younger generation in its upbeat tracks, but also serves any age with mature lyrics that paint pictures of God's faithfulness and love, reflecting on who He is and what He can do. 

For Fans Of: Britt Nicole, Love and the Outcome, Hannah Kerr

Song to Download Now
"Famous For" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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