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This Moment [edit]
by Steven Curtis Chapman | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: October 23, 2007

Released on October 23, 2007, through Sparrow Records. "Cinderella" was released as a radio single and became popular in the United States, charting in the Top 10 on Christian Radio. Other radio singles were "Yours", which became a No. 1 single, and "Miracle of the Moment", which charted in the Top 10.
Steven Curtis Chapman's first new album in more than three years is highlighted by themes like worship, family and global awareness.

Track Listing
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01. Miracle Of The Moment
02. Broken
03. Cinderella
04. Yours
05. Something Crazy
06. Children Of God
07. One Heartbeat At A Time
08. My Surrender
09. You Are Being Loved
10. Definition Of Me
11. With One Voice

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TOP 10 ALBUM OF 2007! | Posted November 19, 2007
Steven Curtis Chapman completely lost me around his album All About Love. His follow-up, All Things New had some incredible moments ("Much Of You," and the title track), but overall, it failed to capture enough of my attention for it to be memorable. So, naturally, I gave This Moment a fair shot because of Steven's incredible musically history, but I wasn't expecting much. It's always nice to be surprised.

From the opening line that says "It's time for letting go / all of our phonies" I was hooked. Something about that line said that this would be a different ride, full of transparency, purpose and challenge. Steven is really taking an opportunity to capture what's happening in the here and now and that instant reflection on the present seems to be a wonderful foundation for an album concept. In "Broken," he talks about our need to be put back together before we're anything but effective in our day to day. In "Cinderella" he challenges fathers to not miss a minute with their children"time that can not be regained. And in "One Heartbeat At A Time" he speaks to his wife about the challenges of constant motherhood and the true value of installing values into their children.

Steven's desire to continue to grow musically started with the electric guitar companion on the cover of his album Declaration and has continued (sometimes with embarrassing misfires) on albums since. He hits the bulls-eye this time around with songs like "Something's Crazy" and the Sunday morning anthem "Children of God" with the help from his sons.

After the first listen, I had no doubt that fans would soon be discovering Steven Curtis Chapman all over again. He is an incredible story teller, communicator and vocalist and this album should not be passed over by any Christian music fan.

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Steven Curtis Chapman does it again :D | Posted September 15, 2008
He's just soo good at doing music! The lyrics to his songs are awesome :D When I saw that he had done this new album, I was very happpppy :) He did an excellent job with these songs! Here's the best songs: "Cinderella" (a really beautiful song), "Broken", "Yours", "Children Of God", "One Heartbeat At A Time", "My Surrender", and "You Are Being Loved". Such great songs and each one is very nicely done. This album is worth the money.

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awesome!! | Posted April 11, 2010
Cinderella is by far my favorite song on this album! :D ever since i was little i've always had a fascination for princesses, and fairytales. Cinderella was always my favorite one. (i still haven't grown out of some of that to this day...) :D

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patpc36 (58)

Great album | Posted September 03, 2009
This is a great album by Steven Curtis Chapman. He is one of the best artists in the industry and this album shows the listener why. My favorite song on the album is Yours. It is classic Steven. A special song to all fathers will be Cinderellla and its message of simply enjoy all moments with your children especially your daughters. Children of God is another good song that has some great lyrics. If you are a new fan of Steven check this album out.

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SCC "This Moment" | Posted March 26, 2009
This is the best SCC album since "Signs of Life." The songs have soul, relevant (not just creative) lyrics, and pretty much is a return to/upgrade on everything that's made him a successful artists all these years. The dude woke up again or something, and it's a really good thing.

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jp2fan (18)

Loved it | Posted February 03, 2009
Once again, a sure-fire way to satisfy your CCM crave! Steven Curtis Chapman has done it again with this his newest album "This Moment". I especially like the song "Yours". I got this album for my birthday last year and have been nothing but happy with it. I have always been and always will be a STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN FAN!!!!!!!

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love it ! | Posted November 06, 2008
these are getting better and better!!!!!!!! he does well, and the lyrics and the mixed music goes well! i love stephen curtis chapman! he is a classic christian artist !

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Mitzy (107)

love it!!!!!!!! | Posted September 25, 2008
LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! I am happy that i got this cd... i've been wanting to get it!! and i love it!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This Moment | Posted May 08, 2008
Steven Curtis Chapman could not get any better than this cd. This album is so great from him. He gets better with each album that he releases. Each song on this album is filled with great vocals and lyrics. I really do like all of the songs on it but my favorites would be "Miricle of the Moment" and "Cinderella". This is a must have album from SCC!!!!

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Mitzy (107)

CINDRELLA | Posted March 24, 2008
Cindrella is my favorite song from this ablum...

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This Moment I'm Writing I Am Loved | Posted January 02, 2008
The title of my review really says a lot about this album. This Moment the cd is really a lot about the moment that we are in right now. Let me tell you, that's a great thing. Steven Curtis Chapman has always been hit or miss with his songs to me. I either like a song or don't. This cd, I'm glad to say is all likes. Chapman says that he feels like he put years of work into this cd and it really does show. Miracle of The Moment is a good song that again, shows the beauty of the moment that we are in right now. Still, the stand outs of this cd have to be Children of God and You Are Being Loved. These two songs make me smile no matter what kind of mood I am in and almost every time get me off my rear and dancing. These are great songs that are almost worth the price of the cd itself. The final track, With One Voice, is a great worship album that really does have you singing along. Overall, this is a great cd that shouldn't be missed. Warning, you will be up and dancing during the listening of this cd.

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