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The Waiting Room [edit]
by Trip Lee | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: December 09, 2016

Two years removed from his 5th album Rise, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Rap chart and #16 on the Billboard 200, Trip sounds more focused than ever. "It's time," he says.

His new mixtape The Waiting Room is an exercise in power and precision. Though its title speaks to things like patience and contentment--all which are good and true and examined here with a biblical lens--the urgency is also deeply felt. "This earth is a place where all of our longings just won't come true," Trip says. "We're always waiting for things to be made right."

Throughout the 10 songs that make up The Waiting Room, Trip wrestles with joy and pain, life and death, and the realities of our current social and political climate. Since Rise, violence, injustice, and heightened levels of civil unrest have captivated our national consciousness. The example of the church, Trip argues, is needed now more than ever before. "We have to step up and meet people where they are. That's how you create change."

The Waiting Room is Trip at his most self-actualized. It probes and prods; it's fun; there is measured tension. It's an artist operating at the height of his gift. Start to finish, the project has a soulful air--moody synths and chords and interesting key changes--that match Trip's intensity and crisp delivery. His skill as an MC shines bright as ever, and once again proves his standing as one of the best doing it today. "It's been awhile since I put some new music out," Trip says. "This one is special and will hold people over until the next album. Rawness, real emotion, and a fresh perspective. Here's The Waiting Room."

Track Listing
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01. Clouds
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02. Too Cold
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03. Lord Have Mercy
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04. IDK
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05. Ready ft. Dimitri McDowell
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06. Still Unashamed ft. Tedashii
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07. Money Up
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08. Out My Way
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09. Longer ft. India Shawn
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10. Billion Years ft. Taylor Hill
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BPence (119)

Waiting, Longing and Lament | Posted December 10, 2016

This 10-song mixtape is the multi-gifted (musician, author, pastor) Trip Lee’s follow-up to 2014’s excellent Rise, and it gives us some new music until his next full-length studio album, which he has said will be coming soon. The mixtape features excellent writing and musicianship, weighty topics, and some familiar friends (GAWVI, Tedashii, Alex Medina, etc.). 
As far as the title, Lee has said that he wanted to give us music, a soundtrack that feels like the world we live in. One of the themes that kept coming up for him was how much waiting we have to do in this life. Themes of waiting, longing for God to heal him, what’s it’s like to be a Black man at this time in our country, and longing for Heaven come through in these ten excellent songs.
Below are a few comments about each of the new songs:
Clouds – This song is written by Dirty Rice, GAWVI and Lee and produced by !llmind, Dirty Rice and GAWVI. It has a great beat that grabs you from the very beginning. It takes you through his ups and downs of dreams and aspirations – from being ready to conquer all the monsters in his way and walking in his calling, to saying he needs a new dream because this one has become a nightmare, and then back again.  
Too Cold – This song was written by Natalie Lauren, J.Monty, GAWVI and Lee and produced by GAWVI. It was the first single released. Musically, the beat is very satisfying. He’s not going to let the world mould or pressure him. He’s not going to make decisions about who he is, and what he does based on just what people want him to do and just how people respond to it.
Lord Have Mercy – This song is written by Lee and GAWVI and produced by GAWVI. He slows down the pace a bit as he sings that life this side of glory can be a mess. He first focuses on himself and his sin and then moves out to the world and the problems Black men like him are experiencing. In both cases he needs the Lord’s mercy. He’s waiting for Heaven and until then he’ll be be praising God in the waiting room.
IDK – This song (“I Don’t Know”) is produced by Keyzbaby. The beat is more laid-back. The song is a modern day psalm of lament (think of Psalm 13), as Lee painfully and honestly expresses that life is difficult, and his frustration that God is silent to him and others when they reach out to him for his help.
Ready - This song is written by Joseph Prielozny, Dirty Rice, Dimitri McDowell, John McNeill, Joel McNeill and Lee, and is produced by 42 North and Dirty Rice. The song features McDowell. The laid back tune finds Lee wrestling with his father’s death, the dying process, how he misses him and how he wishes that his father could know his two children. Lee is ready for death himself. Death has already been defeated. He’s ready. He’ll be ready when it’s his time.
Still Unashamed – This song is written by Dirty Rice, Alias (USA), Swoope, Tedashii, Alex Medina and Lee. It is produced by Dirty Rice, Alias (USA), Swoope and Alex Medina. It features Tedashii and samples Andre Crouch’s “We Are Not Ashamed”. The song is bold and has an infectious beat. Lee wants us to know that though the world is a mess, and people have said they have changed, he and Clique ten years later are still unashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16). A great song, and my favorite on the album.  
Money Up – This song is written by Alex Medina and Lee, and produced by Medina, with additional production by Joseph Prielozny. This song features a good beat and lyrically is a bit different, with Lee role playing from a typical rapper’s perspective. He thinks that once he gets paid, once he makes good money, all of his problems will disappear. But he finds that with more money comes more problems.
Out My Way – This song is written by Alex Medina and Lee and produced by GAWVI. This defiant song is addressed to a Satan, a hater, who wants his hope in the Lord destroyed. He owes him no favors, and is going to throw him overboard. But he also admits his own sin, and that not all of his problems are outside of him. The song features an infectious beat and hook. 
Longer – This song is written by Natalie Lauren, India Shawn, Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny and Lee. It is produced by COBRA and features India Shawn. The laid-back track has similar themes as “Lord Have Mercy” and “IDK”, with him asking again “How long?” as he lets others (label, publisher, etc.) down. The focus here is on the soon to be 29 year-old Lee’s physical ailment (chronic fatigue). The theme of waiting comes up here again as Shawn sings the hook from God’s perspective, asking him to wait a little longer. 
Billion Years – The closing song is written by Alias (USA), Natalie Lauren, Tyshane, Taylor Hill and Lee. It is produced by Alias (USA) and Tyshane and features Hill. Over a good beat, Lee longs for Heaven, he’s on his way home and not looking back. 
Ain’t no joy that I want that I can’t get
Life as we know it will change
I’m in there with my gang
To be with the Lamb who was slain



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