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Never Land EP [edit]
by Andy Mineo | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: January 28, 2014

Whether heís on stage bringing an audience to its feet with his riveting performance or off stage fielding interview questions with a potent combination of intellect and wit, itís obvious Andy Mineo is a born communicator and hip hop music is his instrument for reaching the masses.

Now, Andy follows up his successful 2013 debut with the release of a digital EP, Never Land.

Track Listing
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01. Never Land ft. MARZ
02. Paisano's Wylin' ft. Marty of Social Club
03. You Can't Stop Me
04. Rewind ft. Kam Parker
05. All We Got ft. Dimitri McDowell
06. Paganini ft. KB and Canon
07. Death of Me

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Short on Songs, Long on Talent | Posted February 06, 2014
Less than a year after having the pleasure of reviewing Heroes For Sale and giving it a perfect 5 stars, I sit here again reviewing a project by Andy Mineo. After watching all four episodes of Andy's YouTube series, "Saturday Morning Car Tunez," I was excited to listen to this album and see what was birthed out of the creative process that was outlined in the series. It is good to see an artist who doesn't quit on the creative process and who is continually wanting to push the boundaries of his craft and become better.

The album contains a mixture of songs and styles. The album title Never Land is a play on words. First of all, as in the title track, "Never Land," when we accept Christ and God takes us by the hand, we get so high that we never land. But secondly, there is the Peter Pan reference of a place where time stopped and there was no need to grow up. I see this reflected in the track, "Paisano's Wylin'." 

"Never Land" features the vocals of Marz on the chorus. Her voice is a perfect selection for the transcendent meaning behind the song. "Paisano's Wylin'" features Marty from Social Club. This song is just plain fun. I smiled the entire time the first time I heard it. Any time Chewbacca from Star Wars gets imitated and mentioned you know you have something good. Similarly, any mention of gold chains, velour track suits, marinara, mozzarella and cannolis brings a wide smile.

"You Can't Stop Me" may be the hardest hitting song of the year so far and it will be hard for any to meet it. This is Andy just sharing the struggles he went through in trying to make it, and how with God he can't be stopped. 

The best line in the song is, "I got two choices when I do this, make moves or make excuses." That really sums up what chasing dreams is about. We can listen to fear or we can listen to the Word of God. Once we understand who we are an we don't let fear (or ourselves) stop us, then no one can stop us.

Some sweet vocals by Kam Parker underline "Rewind." The song is Andy reminiscing about how he got started. His first rap, his first show, from getting his bible signed by The Ambassador to signing bibles the same way now, wishing to record with DJ Official to playing tours with him. All of these incredible things for which Andy unashamedly thanks God. 

Sonically, the album flips a switch with "All We Got." It is a little more laid back with a bluesy/jazz guitar riff and bass line. Andy's verses are strong as always and the message behind the song that "love is all we got" is something that continues to run through the album.

"Paganini" is the craziest track on the album. With verses by Andy, KB and Canon—some of the fastest rappers out there right now—and then an amazing display of beatboxing by Anointed S at the end of the track, this tune has the mark of artistry all over it. Paganini, for those who don't know, was a violin virtuoso; he played so fast that people thought he was possessed by the devil. The song basically says that the reason they go so hard is because they are displaying the gifts God has given to them. 

The album closes out with "Death Of Me." The theme of using the talents he was given to glorify God and pressing through the struggles of life continues. It's about how hard somebody has to work in the business and that it literally could kill a man if he isn't centered in God and understanding his priorities. Some could speculate from the lyrics that Andy is planning a sabbatical of sorts, similar to that of his Reach Records brother Trip Lee. 

Closing Thoughts:
This album was long on talent but short on songs. To think that there were seven or eight concepts in the New York stage of production, plus whatever came out of Atlanta, leads me to think that there is another album out there, but perhaps those other songs don't yet live up to the standard that Andy is trying to put out. I would much rather see artists release an EP of seven solid songs, then to fill a double length album with maybe two or three good tracks, 10 OK tracks and seven tracks that should have never seen the light of day. This album is solid, you should go and download it now.

Song to Download Now:
"Paganini" feat. KB and Canon (Get it on iTunes here.)

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namzy (134)

Neverland | Posted August 17, 2014
Okay I will say currently am listening to your neverland song here on Jam TheHype and am loving the jam hey! I have not gotten yet the privilage to listen to the whole album but I know I will not be disppointed. Yeah go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love it! | Posted January 29, 2014
Andy is the Man! God has def blessed him with vocals, and his heart for God is Great! This album is definitely different but it's a good different! It has it's own uniqueness about it, which again, is great! Give it a listen!

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