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Fight the Silence [edit]
by For Today | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: February 04, 2014

Heavy hitters and fan favorites For Today have announced their new album. ‘Fight the Silence’ is the first For Today full-length album with guitarist Sam Penner. He replaced Mike Reynolds, who left the band. The CD release tour recently traveled across the U.S. with Like Moths to Flames, Stray from the Path, The Plot in You and Fit for a King.

Track Listing
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01. Molotov
02. Fight the Silence
03. Pariah
04. Reflections
05. Break the Cycle
06. A Call to Arms
07. For the Fallen
08. Fatherless
09. Dead to Rights
10. One Voice
11. Resonate
12. Hated By the World

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Against the Grain | Posted February 18, 2014

Metal act For Today has more than earned the respect offered them by both the Christian and mainstream metal and hardcore communities. Whether playing edgy summer tour circuit Warped Tour or carefully packing gospel messages into hardcore songs in the studio, the band maintains a work ethic and integrity that grounds them despite the firestorm of criticism occasionally hurled from both sides.

Fight the Silence is the latest chapter in the band’s blistering discography. Stylistically, the project pummels the airwaves with the same bone-crushing sonic brutality that marks their previous projects, though carrying a little more texture to the songs’ arrangements.

Bringing in clean vocals rarely and eschewing them entirely for multiple songs, For Today frontman Mattie Montgomery delivers track after track with crushing force. Although maintaining a consistent level of sonic fury throughout, the album avoids overwhelming the listener with too much noise (a pitfall common for harder music) by carefully choosing when to leave breathing room in the music— choosing when to cut one or both guitars or the drums to leave auditory space. Opening offering "Molotov" is an example of this, building slowly weighing the powerhouse growling verses against a cleaner chorus carried by melodic vocalist Ryan Leitru.

The album also continues a classic For Today tradition of inserting softer, partially instrumental interludes throughout the album to help with its pacing and ground its thematic content. "Reflections" and "Resonate" are the two intermissions for this album, both featuring haunting, drifting arrangements with clear, clean vocals concisely capturing the album's themes.

Said themes largely center around actively pursuing justice and mercy in a world steeped in oppression and violent hatred, and the ever-present hope that Christ is still close even in the darkest places. Lead single and title track "Fight the Silence" in particular is a kind of anthem for the ongoing battle against human trafficking and modern day slavery. Here the band's aggression is in its finest form, standing as a heavyweight spiritual contender against cruelty.

"A Call to Arms" is in the same vein, capturing exactly what its title implies as it leads the charge. "One Voice," given musical impetus by David Puckett's drum fills, carries a memorable swagger in the riff as it calls for unity in moving against the darkness.

Indeed throughout this project, the visceral intensity of the music is given even more urgency and emotional force through its lyrics. "Fatherless" is a particularly poignant autobiographical piece examining the fall out from growing up fatherless, capturing the experience of so many youth with the words "Now I've come to see it was never me I was looking for, it was always Him."

Although many of the themes are those which For Today's diverse audience will universally relate to, they are also unashamed to present a fearless gospel message in songs like "Dead to Rights." As "Hated by the World" narrates, this dedication to the message has often been anything but easy. For Today has drawn a lot of fire for their beliefs both from outside and even within their fan base, which has caused the group to decide beyond a shadow of a doubt what they stand for and what is worth dedicating their lives to— which for them will always be the gospel above a music scene.

Closing Thoughts:
Although this album does not come with any major innovations, it incorporates the best of hardcore and nu-metal industrial sensibilities to create a solid offering that more than delivers for fans and new listeners alike. Carrying even more crushing power than the low-tuned riffage, the messages of this project are what truly set it apart as impossible to be ignored. This is a call to attention and action for any listeners— first to receive hope, and then to use it practically to fight very real issues in our world.

Song to Download Now:
"Fight the Silence" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Awesome! | Posted February 04, 2014
Tis album is amazing. I was skeptical at first because every For Today album has been largely different from their previous so I didn't know what to expect with this album but I am impressed! The lyrics are awesome. They're not too extremely pushy like some of their previous songs have been (in terms of pushing the gospel to a point where it gets annoying even for a devout believer) but it still relays the message clearly. The musicality is good not anything great but the overall sound is very appealing and I absolutely love it!

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username2 (375)

A Great Viewpoint on Heavy Subject Matter | Posted February 03, 2014
Fight the Silence has a unique backstory in that the idea for it came about when frontman Matt Montgomery saw a video about human trafficking that had a strong emotional imapct on him. He decided to make this album to give us his thoughts on the subject and from that, he delivered the band's most personal album to date.  The sound of the album is consistant with all of their other albums which might make some people disappointed that they haven't evolved and done other things sonically, but the band is great at presenting us with hard hitting metal and they largely present it well here.  Fight the Silence could be considered more of the same, and it kind of is, but the lyrics dealing with the heavy subject of human trafficking are so well convied and personal that you kind of forget about the sound and start thinking about how much of an impact the lyrics have on you.  5 albums in and For Today is still going strong.

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