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Run [edit]
by Sanctus Real | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 05, 2013

Sanctus Real will release their sixth studio album, Run, February 5th on Sparrow Records/EMI Christian Music Group. The project was produced by Chris Stevens (TobyMac), Jason Ingram (Brandon Heath), and Seth Mosley (Newsboys). Run is the follow-up to their 2010 GRAMMY® nominated Pieces of A Real Heart, which featured their career-breaking hit "Lead Me."

Frontman Matt Hammit shares, "We've devoted the better part of our lives writing songs that we pray will matter. Hearing countless stories of how God has used 'Lead Me' to heal brokenness in families has been both humbling and inspiring." Since joining as a band 16 years ago, Sanctus Real continues to illustrate that passion and faith through each album, making no exception for the songs found on Run.

Track Listing
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01. Run
02. On Our Own
03. Promises
04. Pray
05. We Will Never Give Up
06. Nothing Between
07. Commitment
08. Keep Me Young
09. One Of Those Things
10. Better Than This
11. Picture Of Grace
12. You Are God
13. That's Life (Bonus)
14. Love You Tightly (Bonus)
15. One More Show (Bonus)
16. Sanctuary (Bonus)
17. Run (Remix) (Bonus)
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A "must-own" for 2013 | Posted February 26, 2013
It's certainly been a whirlwind several years for Sanctus Real. Although their career as a band has spanned 16 years and produced multiple highly acclaimed projects, their first real break came in 2010 with Pieces Of A Real Heart, featuring the smash hit, "Lead Me." 
The success didn't come without its fair share of struggles however. Lead vocalist Matt Hammitt and his wife welcomed their son, Bowen, in late 2010, who was born with a severe heart defect and required numerous open heart surgeries in his first few years of his life. As Bowen began to recover against all odds, another tragedy struck. In 2012, the group's tour bus burst into flames while they and several of their children were all asleep inside. Miraculously, no one was hurt, but the bus was a total loss. 
You'd think all this opposition would dampen their spirits to continue on. Not so much. Known for the brutal transparency in their lyrics, the guys of Sanctus Real took these trials as an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and further their understanding of His plan for lives--both as a band and as individuals. That season of chaos birthed the songs on their latest project, Run, an album full of honesty, hope and healing.
The title track "Run" starts things off on a bouncy note, immediately sucking you in with the catchy chorus. It encourages us to rise from the ashes of the past and run into the arms of love. 
"On Our Own" is my personal favorite track on the album. Distinct from their past work but with that same familiar Sanctus style, it possesses an underlying pop beat while offering the message that we can't do life on our own and need the hand of a Savior to guide us through.
The album's anthemic first single, "Promises," delivers next. Clinging to God's promises in their own lives, the band encourages others to do so too with lyrics like: "All things work for the good of those who love God / He holds back nothing that would heal you, not even His own Son."
"Pray" comes as the heart cry of someone at a total loss for words. Not sure how or what to say, the poignant lyrics remind us that our prayers need to be real, not refined. This would fair well as a radio single. "We Will Never Give Up" offers hope, declaring no matter what trails may come against us, we will press on for the glory of God.
Folksy toe-tapper "Nothing Between" is a conviction to allow nothing between our relationship with Christ. The moving "Commitment" can almost be seen as a sequel to "Lead Me," it being about staying committed in our relationships and not backing down when times get tough: "I wanna finish the life we started / I wanna be two old, beautiful souls who stayed with it / And in those times our feelings fade, I'm gonna give you the one thing that makes all the difference, commitment."
"Keep Me Young," while not classified as a worship song, will surely lead the listener into an uplifting time of surrender, talking about how the love of Christ is the only love worth discovering. "One Of Those Things" is a rallying cry for believers to continue to pursue their God given calling, even when opposition tries to hinder them.
Going back to their old-school grinding rock sound, "Better Than This" will be sure to get you on your feet with its feel-good vibes, while "Picture Of Grace" is a weighty piece that confronts discouragement, and how in the future, the battles we face today will all make sense--painting a mighty picture of God's redemptive grace.
"You Are God" brings the project home on a worshipful note. Coming back to the idea of "Promises," most of the lyrics are pulled right from scripture, reminding us of God's marvelous presence in our lives.
Closing Thoughts:
Expectations were high for this album after the success of Pieces Of A Real Heart, and I'm happy to report, Sanctus Real has delivered. Run is a powerful project that shows an incredible maturity in the band's style and songwriting. 
Never shying away from hard topics, this album offers authenticity with a shimmering glimmer of hope in each song, making it one of the "must-own" albums of 2013. I applaud the band on their desire to write music that ignores popular trends and focuses more on touching the hearts of people. With Run, they've absolutely accomplished that.

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"Run" To Get This Album | Posted January 15, 2013
It's been nearly three years since we had some new material from Sanctus Real. After lead singer Matt Hammitt took time to focus on a solo project inspired by experiences with his third child, Bowen, he has some new songs to sing reflecting the turmoil and grace experienced since their last release.
Fans won over to Sanctus Real by the more pop-oriented selections from 2010's Pieces of a Real Heart will immediately connect to the gentler sound of Run. The opening title track ("Run") is a simple, well-spoken reminder to "run into the arms of love." This selection sets the tone for an album that takes simple truths and presents them with a clear perspective tempered by grace. "On Our Own" employs a slightly lonely, vulnerable melody to carry the message of our inability to make it through life without the support of others. 
The lead single, "Promises," is a catchy but comforting call to hold to the promises given by God in the Bible. The refrain could easily be an anthem for the church in the midst of uncertain world events: "Jesus is alive so hold tight / hold on to the promises."
"Pray" is a soft but dynamic song imploring God to meet the singer even when he has no more words to say. "We Will Never Give Up" is a dose of encouragement in the same musical vein as past hit "Forgiven," though this song's scope is wider and more anthemic. "Nothing Between" is the first selection with a more energetic rock vibe reminiscent of older albums The Face of Love and We Need Each Other. The lyrics focus on trust in the dark paths, beautifully culminating in the declaration, "I want nothing between my soul and my Savior.
"Commitment" thematically complements past single "Lead Me." The honest track highlights essential elements of a marriage that endures, rooted in God's grace and faithfulness. "Keep Me Young" explores the idea of our eternal God being the true "fountain of youth," providing us with eternal life. "One of Those Things" is an upbeat, hopeful song about the way God is relentless in reaching our hearts.
An almost classic rock styled cadence carried by hearty guitar riffs gives "Better Than This" a feel-good vibe that would be perfect for the live show setting. "Picture of Grace" slows the tone down again, taking a more narrative approach to the lyrics. Gentle instrumentation backs a beautiful picture of a husband and wife united in their acceptance of grace. "You Are God" closes the standard release of the album on a worshipful note, acknowledging God's holiness and sovereignty without sacrificing a sense of personal interaction with Him.
The bonus tracks provide a mix of themes, ranging from the whimsical "One More Show" (reminiscing about days touring in a rundown van) to the lovely piano ballad "Sanctuary" (which creates the title's peace and stillness in musical form). "Love You Tightly" is a wistful but tender song from a dad to his children, focusing on the need to "love you tightly but hold you loosely, ‘cause you were never mine." "That's Life" is an intensely honest song about life's contrast, the joy and the struggle.
Closing Thoughts:
Run is an intensely hopeful album that captures joy in musical form without oversimplifying the truths it presents. Matt Hammitt's gentle but soaring vocals are stronger than ever, carrying the songs over the more pop-oriented guitar beds laid down by guitarists Chris Rohman and Pete Prevost. This album is diverse enough to stay interesting through the 12-track standard length, but still musically grounded and cohesive. The songs shine as gentle reminders of hope in a hurting world, with every layer of each song saturated by grace.

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Love it | Posted September 07, 2013
 "You know my life, You know my need, and every singe part of me! So even if it's just to say your name, I'm gonna pray!"
Love this song, love this album!
This is the first album that I heard from Sanctus Real and I just love the band since this!

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ajarvi (2)

Welcome back! Run is a Sanctus Real classic | Posted February 20, 2013

Recently got Run, I love how Sanctus Real has not changed to become more popular or just to make music for music’s sake. They continue to write songs that honestly reflect the complex journey of faith.  Some of my favorites from Run are “Promises" which remind us to hold to the promises given by God in the Bible; "We Will Never Give Up" which provides encouragement much like their past hit "Forgiven""Commitment" because it highlights the essential elements of a marriage that endures, strengthened by God's grace and faithfulness; and “You Are God" which is a nice closing to the album with a worshipful tone.

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