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Elephant in the Room (Digital EP) [edit]
by These Hearts | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 04, 2012

These Hearts will be releasing a digital EP on September 4th called Elephant In The Room, the follow up to last year’s album Forever Ended Yesterday, with five tracks, including two new songs, acoustic versions for “Denial Is Not Just A River in Egypt” and “Live To The Point Of Tears” along with a newly recorded version of “Denial Is Not Just a River In Egypt”.

Track Listing
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01. The Inconvenience
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02. Denial Isn't Just A River In Egypt
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03. Denial Isn't Just A River In Egypt (Acoustic)
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04. Live To The Point Of Tears (Acoustic)
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05. His Angel Back (Acoustic)
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The Soft Side of Hardcore: Elephant in the Room EP | Posted September 04, 2012
These Hearts continues to cement their place as one of the hardest working new bands both on the road and in the studio. A little over a year after their July 2011 debut Forever Ended Yesterday, the self-proclaimed “popcore” quintet is back with their Elephant in the Room EP.
The creative blend of hardcore and metal twisted with some pop elements that the band concocted for their debut album is refined on the EP’s first track, “The Inconvenience.” The song mourns a life set to self-destruct, building around vocalist Ryan Saunder’s aggressive screams asking “how does it feel to play God for a day?” The clean vocals on the chorus are clear-cut and piercing.
A remade version of the band’s song “Denial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt” is featured next. This is the version used for the band’s recent music video, and although it does not stray too far from the version on Forever Ended Yesterday, the update improves on an already strong track. The song also draws out the EP’s title: “don’t speak too soon, there’s an elephant in the room,” the chorus warns.
The last three tracks on the EP are acoustic, but by no means weaker. These Hearts deftly demonstrates that sometimes the hardest bands can create the most effective soft tracks. The acoustic version of “Denial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt” draws the attention to the vocals and thus the core of the lyrics.
“Live to the Point of Tears” is another previous song that gets the acoustic treatment. The song is a lament in the wake of a loved one’s death, and the lyrics benefit greatly from the slower, stripped down format. The final selection is an original acoustic track, “His Angel Back.” A rich, raw acoustic guitar backs a song that narrates the journey of a friend walking with someone suffering from cancer, honestly asking the question “what do you say when ‘it’s going to be OK’ is a lie?” The song is haunting without being emotionally overbearing, and it addresses a hard subject gently and gracefully.
Closing Thoughts
This EP is a strong example of the way These Hearts is growing as they continue to pioneer the mostly untread ground of Christian hardcore. The evidence of their work ethic and dedication to bringing solid rock backed with truth is clear on each track. The hard tracks draw on their strong rock roots while the more introspective acoustic tracks are refreshingly heartfelt. This EP is well worth picking up for anyone who wants to hear a fresh voice on the field of rock and hardcore.

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ROARing love it! | Posted May 10, 2013
 Welcome to the stage: These Hearts!

This band not only combines the styles of screamo and pop together, but they actually made it sound amazing! What excites me more about this band is that everyone in it is always so friendly! A user on YouTube told a story of him at a These Hearts concert where they were getting ready to leave--packing up merchandise, yada, yada--but they still talked and hung out with him! A guy they had only just met!

Personality aside, I gave this a 4.5 rating because of how perfect they were able to mix two completely separate genre's together, as well as being Christian about their lyrics. Truth be told, this is not the first album I heared of them. The first song I ever heared by this band was "Apology Rejected," first song on the album "Forever Ended Yesterday."

So why did I give this album a 4.5 instead of a 5 star rating? I mean, I said it multiple times that they perfectly blended these styles together. So where did that .5 star go? To be honest, it was the song "Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt." Aside from the cliche name--something I don't care about when rating--the lyrics didn't speak to me; I didn't understand it! I like the song, it has a great sound, but the lyrics are an important aspect of music as well.

The song "Living to the Point of Tears" is my favorite on this, the song being about his cousin who had died. It touched my very soul. For this album, since there were 5 songs, I was going to have one star per song, but this song made me add half a star more.

I had stopped listening to music with this sound before because the band I found were not Christian bands, so finding this band and finding out they are a Christian band made me that much more excited!

So if you like Pop-Core, then look no further! This is an album I would recommend buying!

Well, hope you liked my ROARview!

See ya next time,

I am the lion, hear me ROAR!

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