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Lost Weekend [edit]
by Write This Down | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 05, 2012

"Lost Weekend" is an explosive collection of songs featuring intricate vocal interplay, massive riffs and towering percussion, thanks in part to production from Pete Stewart, the legendary lead singer/guitarist for alternative rock pioneers Grammatrain. In other words, the project should have no problem falling in line with a diverse influence pool that includes rhythmic heavyweights like Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters and Korn, the dueling vocals of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, crossed with even the pop/punk stylings of Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy.

And while the band might easily be associated with the likes of the above, their sound and style remains all their own. Amongst Lost Weekend's raging riffs on tracks like "Crash and Burn," "See Ya Never," and "I'll Make You Famous" Write This Down lyrically inject positive messages in their music that listeners can relate to and which further separates them from the pack.

In the current musical landscape dominated by artificially flavored pop, Write This Down emerge, staying true to their values, their dedicated commitment to their fans and standing tall for heavy rock with one of the hardest hitting albums you'll hear this year, "Lost Weekend."

Track Listing
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01. The Older I Get, The Better I Was
02. See Ya Never
03. I'll Make Ya Famous
04. Red 7
05. Crash and Burn
06. Don't Speak
07. Cheap Affairs
08. The Florida Rage
09. Lost Weekend
10. Touch and Go
11. Minnesota Interlude
12. Song and Dance

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Grab a Pen: Write This Album Down | Posted June 11, 2012
Write This Down made quite the splash onto the Christian Rock scene in 2010 with their rocking self-titled debut. Now with a few radio hits under their belt, the band returns with their sophomore album, Lost Weekend.
The album immediately proves itself to be an intense one, opening with some screams in "The Older I Get, The Better I Was." The band does well mixing in the screamo with some catchy melodies. This formula works for them and seems pretty consistent throughout most of the album, with only a select few deviations. The band definitely knows how to rock. The guitar work throughout was pretty impressive.
The title track is one of the few that minimizes the screams in favor of a rock melody throughout. This track could easily achieve popularity on the airwaves. The band also has two very stripped-down slower tracks, "Cheap Affairs" and "Minnesota Interlude." Both are enjoyable enough calms amidst the rough chaos that dominates the album from start to finish.
Lyrically, the album is among the strongest released so far this year. The brutally honest portrayal of the deteriorating condition of our society is pretty striking, yet it doesn't come off as too "in your face" as to become gimmicky. It's a delicate, but impressive balance for such a young band to achieve. 
"I'll Make You Famous" had some of the more memorable lyrics for me, such as: "Show time the party scene is filing in looking for a hideaway from all the deadbeats' clones. And I know how every single night goes crash out on the balcony, tearing up the front lawn. And its a bore, it's a rerun, I've seen before every weekend and they're scraping from the bottom of the barrel for a new improved original that no ones heard before." 
There are several other examples of the hard-hitting portrayal of a downward spiraling youth in need of the love of Christ. "May God have mercy on you and I for the sins that we shared tonight Be still and pray for the peace that passes all understanding" sings "Red 7" and "We can quote, we can quote you any of the hymnals while seated in the back pew / But we are terrified of what we've said and done tonight" resounds "Lost Weekend."
The album's brutal honesty helps it stand out from the typical fare you might hear on the radio.
It'd be fair to mention that personally, I am not much of a fan of screamo music. Therefore, I can see how the screams in the majority of the tracks could limit its appeal. Still, the music is well-crafted and catchy and those who enjoy a little scream with their guitars should feel right at home in Lost Weekend.
Closing Thoughts: 
The album is less accessible than many others on the Tooth and Nail roster due to its heavy usage of screams. Still, the songwriting and music are solid, and fans of the first album should be more than satisfied with this second outing. It's likely not going to catch the attention of anybody who wasn't paying attention before, but it should solidify their place as a heavy hitter on the harder side of Christian Rock.

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username2 (375)

Maybe sticking to one rock genre wasn't such a good idea. | Posted June 04, 2012
Remember Write This Down's self titled debut album that had a mix of rock styles?  Well, for their sophomore effort, Lost Weekend, they've gone in a more hard rock/punk direction.  While I do like the fact that this album isn't trying to sound similar to the last one, the style does get a bit tiresome as the album moves along.  The first half kind of burns you out with one Sum 41/Rise Against sounding song after another, but the second half does mix things up with a couple of slow ballad tracks that are a welcome addition to what would otherwise be a monotonous album.

Lost Weekend changes things by sticking to one rock genre but overdoes things by having almost the exact same song playing over and over again.  I still liked what I heard but I feel like the genre skipping of the first album produced much more memoriability than this album.

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"Lost Weekend" | Posted August 14, 2012

"Lost Weekend" the second full length studio album from heavy rockers "Write This Down" is one for the ages. For those of you who liked the heavier songs on their previous album "Lost Weekend" is for you! The best songs on the album are "I'll Make You Famous" "Cheap Affairs" and the title track "Lost Weekend". The title "Lost Weekend" refers to the story of the prodical son. It is a song that has definitley helped me in my journey with Jesus Christ.

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