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Forever Ended Yesterday [edit]
by These Hearts | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 21, 2011

THESE HEARTS reflects the tradition and urgency that propelled bands like HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS and TAKING BACK SUNDAY when they were at their peaks coupled with where A DAY TO REMEMBER currently sits. The musical similarities also exist in their
emotional, youthful angst riding a rollercoaster of breakdowns, harmonies and screams with an infectious, underlying harmony.

Their fantastic debut, Forever Ended Yesterday, was produced by CHIODOS’ frontman Craig Owens. Forever Ended Yesterday is loaded with magnetically addictive hooks, high energy guitars, gritty heaviness, mixed with post-hardcore rhythms, and heartfelt songwriting. THESE HEARTS will enter the hearts and minds of young rock fans in short order.

Track Listing
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01. Apology Rejected
02. Quitting While You're Behind
03. Denial Is Not Just A River in Egypt
04. Romans 15
05. Self Respect
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06. Forever Ended Yesterday
07. Are You Mad?
08. She'd Like to Wear the Pants, but She Can't Fit Into Mine
09. Live to the Point of Tears
10. Dime a Dozen
11. Album EPK (Not On CD)
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A Great Pioneering Effort in Christian Hardcore | Posted July 31, 2011
Hardcore band These Hearts is released their latest work on July 21, the cleverly titled Forever Ended Yesterday. The album runs very much in the same vein of albums from bands like Before Their Eyes, leaning heavily on hardcore and metal roots with a few unique pop-styled twists that claim a sound of their own.
The album kicks off with the energetic single “Apology Rejected.” The song sets the tone for the rest of the record, leaning heavily on clean vocals though featuring some solid screaming as well. The track also brings out some gang vocals, a feature that comes back often throughout the album. The opening track is the one that will connect most easily with a wider audience, and sets the standard for the lyrical content of much of the album. The singer talks about regretting a relationship with a girl, seeking forgiveness while struggling with the destructive consequences of his actions. The song asks questions more than it answers, but it offers hope as the bridge screams, “with God as my guide, my wounds will heal in time.”
Other songs are much more hard-hitting than the opener, coming in with in-your-face guitar riffs and aggressive vocals. A good example of this is the track “Romans 15,” one of the strongest songs on the album.

This track talks about supporting others when they fall, and it begins with the shouted words of Romans 15:1: “We the strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak." Another harder cut is “Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt,” a track that manages to be heavy while still carrying a very fluid melody. The very strong vocals offered by vocalist Ryan Saunders help to maintain this balance. This song also tackles the challenges of relationships from the perspective of a Christian, speaking into the life of a struggling girl with the line, “If you saw like my God, you'd know that you are loved.”
The guitar work is strong throughout the album, particularly on tracks like “Are You Mad?” and the intense, almost frenzied lament “Live to the Point of Tears.” The drum work takes more of a background role than usual for this genre, but fast paced metal-styled beats come out on some of the tracks, such as the title track. 
There are some moments of musical experimentation that add a distinctive stamp to the album. One of these comes with the brief interlude “Self Respect,” which is essentially some meaty guitar riffs with a brief spoken sound byte simply saying, "Today we're going to be talking about self respect.” Another memorable moment comes towards the end of the incredibly solid track “Live to the Point of Tears,” where the sound of squealing tires and sirens is incorporated into the instrumentation.
Few hardcore albums are complete without a ballad, and Forever Ended Yesterday is no exception. The heartfelt “Thinking In Terms of Two” takes that role. The song is written about a wedding, mostly from the point of view of the groom but featuring some strong female backing vocals as well. The track leans entirely on the vocals and acoustic guitar. It is a refreshing and optimistic moment in an album that otherwise deals more with struggling relationships.
Closing Thoughts
The album is a strong release that carries its momentum all the way from the catchy first track to the strong closer.  Musically, the album mostly sticks to tried and true hardcore methods, but they bring some creative elements in as well that make the album memorable and well worth looking into. With the lyrics, These Hearts tackles common themes of the hardcore and post-hardcore genres (loneliness, faltering relationships, and regret), but they do so with an underlying foundation of faith that adds a refreshing note of hope.

Christian hardcore is still a field that is explored by only a brave few, and those few often are confined to underground status. That said, These Hearts has put forth a solid album that does an exceptional job forging ahead in a challenging field.

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Can't ROARing get enough of it! | Posted May 10, 2013
Think Screamo is all about rebellion and hatred? Think Pop is all about whinny brats who don't realize how good they have it? Both accounts are wrong when you take in bands like These Hearts!

Kicking off with the song "Apology Rejected," with epic guitar riffs and ear busting screams that seem to come out of nowhere, even all of my friends were surprised and loved it! This bands genre, one I can only describe as Pop-Core, perfectly blends elements of both Screamo and Pop into a symphony sound that makes my head bang while also making my feet move!

I love every song on this album (though "Denial is Not Just a River in Egypt" isn't the best, it has a good sound, but I don't understand what it's about), and the message is so positive! From a part of the bible (Romans 15) to life experience (Live to the Point of Tears) this album touches my soul and moves my heart.

God gave these guys a talent, and I love how they use it for Him! The song "Romans 15" is an amazing and inspirational song. The first thing they did in the song was shout out the first verse of Romans 15 which says "We [who are](the) strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak [and not to please ourselves]," a verse that says what Christians are meant to do; help others like Christ did, and Christ Himself said that we will do greater things than He has on this earth.

These Hearts are kind to people off the stage, from personal encounters that i have heared, and teaches love and kindness on stage. I would highly recommend buying this album!

Hope you liked my ROARview!

See ya next time,

I am the lion, hear me ROAR!

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WOAH WOAH WOAH! | Posted August 15, 2011
This looks a LOT like the music video for Cartoon Heroes by Aqua!  Am i gonna drown?  Be careful!  Run away!  Judgement day is coming!  i'm not into screamo so this CD doesn't make me very happy.  :( 

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Uninviting | Posted August 02, 2011
For me, screamo music feels standoff-ish and uninviting.  It seems more like a teen rebellion/teen rage thing going on rather than worshipping God.  I'm not a fan of screamo so obviously my rating is going to be low, but don't take my word for it because you may find that you like them!

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