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Live At The Masquerade CD/DVD [edit]
by Thousand Foot Krutch | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 07, 2011

After 15 years of bringing fist-pumping, in-your-face rock music to their fans, Thousand Foot Krutch has recorded their first live CD/DVD, Live at the Masquerade.

Recorded on May 28, 2010, the CD/DVD was shot inside the historical Rexall Place arena in Edmonton - the home of the hockey great Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers.

Recording Live at the Masquerade, TFK performed in front of 20,000 fans after Canada's largest youth event "YC," which boasted record-breaking attendance for this conference. Live at the Masquerade captures all that TFK fans have come to love from their latest release, Welcome To The Masquerade, songs like: "Bring Me to Life," "Forward Motion," "Fire it Up," and "Already Home" plus fan-favorites and TFK classics like "Rawkfist," "Move," "Falls Apart" and "Puppet."

The DVD contains the full concert, performed by TrevorMcNevan, but the spoken track before 'E For Extinction' is shorter, and begins with 'The Invitation' extended.

Track Listing
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0. (DVD-9) What Do We Know (Live Video
01. Welcome To The Masquerade (Live)
02. Bring Me To Life (Live)
03. Move (Live)
04. Absolute (Live)
05. The Flame In All Of Us (Live)
06. Trevor Talks To Crowd
07. E For Extinction (Live)
08. Scream (Live)
09. What Do We Know (Live)
10. Falls Apart (Live)
11. Rawkfist (Live)
12. Fire It Up (Live)
13. Already Home (Live)
14. Puppet (Live)
15. (DVD-1) Welcome To The Masquerade (Live Video)
16. (DVD-2) Bring Me To Life (Live Video)
17. (DVD-3) Move (Live Video)
18. (DVD-4) Absolute (Live Video)
19. (DVD-5) The Flame In All Of Us (Live Video)
20. (DVD-6) Trevor Talks To Crowd
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21. (DVD-7) E For Extinction (Live Video)
23. (DVD-8) Scream (Live Video)
24. (DVD-10) Falls Apart (Live Video)
25. (DVD-11) Rawkfist (Live Video)
26. (DVD-12) Fire It Up (Live Video)
27. (DVD-13) Already Home (Live Video)
28. (DVD-14) Puppet (Live Video)

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KellyS (37)

A Live Album Worth Buying | Posted July 11, 2011
When it comes to purchasing music, live albums are not usually at the top of my list. If I want to hear live music, I’ll just go to a concert.  However, when I found out Thousand Foot Krutch was releasing a live album, I had to get it. Good thing I did.
A definite benefit of live albums is that they contain all of the band’s greatest hits and this one’s no exception. Filmed and recorded in their Canadian homeland, TFK rocked the faces off 20,000 fans at the Rexall Place Arena in Edmonton, Alberta, and gave concert-goers an experience they won’t soon forget. 
Kicking of the show with “Welcome To The Masquerade,” frontman Trevor McNevan gets the crowd going right off the bat. With grungy guitars and beats that make you move, TFK has the uncanny ability to energize even the most introverted of fans.

With songs like “Move”, “Falls Apart”, “Scream” and fan favorite, “Rawkfist,” crowds young and old, big and small, can’t help but throw their fists in the air. Even the mellower songs including “What Do We Know” and “Already Home” have their place, refocusing the audience on the main purpose of TFK’s ministry: to give fans encouragement and empower them to be who God made them to be. Closing the show out with “Puppet,” TFK takes fans back to the band's beginnings and sends them off with ears ringing and fists pumping.
Listening to a live album is one thing, but actually being able to watch it firsthand from the comfort of your own home is another. You can literally experience a TFK concert without having to go through the hassle of purchasing tickets, finding the venue, jostling to see over the tall guy in front of you, and making the long drive back home. All can be achieved without even getting up from the couch.
The DVD itself is well-produced and conveys the live concert experience well. One benefit of a live DVD is the onstage aspects and angles cameras capture that you just can’t get from being in the audience. The visual effects displayed from stage during the show are awesome and even better live, I’m sure. Besides the usual lighting displays and background video that accompany most concerts these days, audiences get to experience some pretty awesome pyrotechnics. How can fire not be involved when performing a song titled “Fire It Up”? It just wouldn’t be right! It’s also fun to be able to see and hear the crowd participation throughout the live performance, making you feel like you’re a part of it.
I’m surprised Thousand Foot Krutch hasn’t made a live CD/DVD before now, but it was worth the wait. This is actually a great way to introduce future TFK fans to the band and get them excited to experience the music firsthand next time they roll through town. Whether you gather your friends or just rock out on your own, Live At The Masquerade is a great live album from one of the best live bands out there.
Closing Thoughts
Thousand Foot Krutch has been touring and playing in front of audiences in all sorts of venues for 15 years, so they know how it’s done and how to do it well. I’ve seen these guys live a number of times and they always put on a great show. Where other bands may not be able to replicate the sound heard on their records in the concert setting, TFK has no problem doing so. The vocals and instruments are spot on and sound just as good live, if not better. This live CD/DVD combo is great for TFK fans, especially those that love the live performance.  However, nothing can beat actually being there, so if you haven’t seen these guys live, you’re missing out!

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EPIC! | Posted September 05, 2012
This live DVD/CD combo is incredible!!! It is so amazing! I love to watch it all the time! TFK rawks live and this DVD does a great job of capturing that! This DVD is a must have for any TFK fans, or fans of awesome music for that matter. :)

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Frenzy20 (38)

A live CD/DVD that sounds as good as a studio recording. | Posted June 20, 2011
Thousand Foot Krutch has been one of the top Christian rock bands of the 21st century.  They have come out with great rock songs like "Puppet," Rawkfist," "Move," "The Flame In All Of Us," "Falls Apart," and more recent ones "Bring Me to Life," and "Fire It Up."

To bring the energy and sharpness to a live recording is hard to do when you hear the studio recordings because they are polished so well.  TFK does great job making these songs sound even better then the studio recordings.  Trevor's voice is strong thourghout the whole set and it shows the gift God has given him.  He must take care of his voice well because it sounds very good.  A rock lead singer can often put a lot of tension on his voice because of the style.  The DVD was great and sounds good in surround sound so watch it on that if you can.  The crowd gives the set more energy also.

When an artist can sound just as good as their recordings or better it shows that they are a talented artist that knows how to sing and play well.  TFK has been one of my favorite music artist and it is good to see them put out a excellent live recording and DVD.  They are in my prayers often and it is good seeing God's hand on them. 

TFK keep up with the great music and creativity.

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Ridiculous! | Posted June 13, 2011
Ridiculous is the only word I could come up with for this CD / DVD. It's honestly so good it's ridiculous. It definitely does it's job of getting you pumped up - that's for sure! There's no shame in loving God, and that's definitely what TFK  shows you here! Love it! Incredible!

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bull42 (50)

WOW | Posted June 08, 2011
TFK's new live CD/DVD is awesome !!!! With great songs such as "Move", "Falls Apart", "Fire It Up", as well as the classic "Rawkfist",this is a must have for all TFK fans as well as novice fans. The best thing about this new release,IMHO,is the DVD of the concert.You can watch this anytime and see why TFK is a must see live band.I  hope this CD/DVD release is a big time seller for the band.I am going to Lifeway Bookstores this afternoon to purchase this release.

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