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#5: Grave Shadows
Posted October 03, 2008
By bjburly,

Created by critically-acclaimed and best-selling authors Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry, the Red Rock Mysteries Series combines hair-raising adventures and Biblical values in a storyline that kids will crave. Seemingly smart 13-year-old twins Bryce and Ashley Timberline are constantly stumbling into thrilling mysteries from their hometown of Red Rock, Colorado, that are packed with excitement and real-life situations... but that's not the whole story. While the series is obviously primarily focused on mysteries that the twins solve together, each installment has its own unique problem or situation for each of the two. Also, each Red Rock book is constantly flipping to Bryce's and Ashley's own perspective, so readers, depending on their gender, can relate to either Bryce or Ashley throughout the entire story. Biblical and family values are presented as an important priority from each twin, but a balance between faith and action is wonderfully evident.

The summer for the Timberline twins is starting off with a bang. Bryce gears up for a 200-mile bike ride for cancer reasearch with his good friend and aforementioned disease-plagued victim Jeff Alexander, while Ashley looks to exciting sleepovers with friends and long days of visiting with alpacas on a nearby farm. But that's only the beginning! Bryce is troubled when he learns that some of the memoribilia that belongs to his bike partner Jeff Alexander has been stolen. So when Ashley finds out that her close friend Hayley has an uncle who has disappeared and his car is found at the bottom of a lake, the Timberline girl finds herself on the trail of two cases at once! Will she be able to track down Jeff's priceless items before he finds out, while Bryce stalls for her during the marathon, at the same time looking for clues on the missing man's whereabouts? It's two heart-pumping adventures in one jam-packed edition of the Red Rock Mysteries Series, sure to keep readers on edge.

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