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Musically breaks new ground, but...
Posted September 23, 2008
By BillLurwick_NRT,

Watch the video to the title track which is all over the internet, and if your like me, you may feel a little tarnished afterwards.

Krystal is now 20 years old, and moving in different directions both musically, and as a young woman.

I was encouraged by the great connection music and production wise to what is comparable in the mainstream arena, but i was discouraged lyrically and visually by this project.

The bible talks about not giving anyone the appearance of anything or cause to stumble, and in watching the video for 'Make Some Noise', I was saddened because I knew biblicaly it was doing just that.

We are to be in the world, not of , and it indeed is a fine line to tread to sell music and encourage.

Be real, not like. We are to stand out as believers because of our 'anti-conformity'.
Hmmm, now that would be an interesting song wouldn't it? Did she forget that she sang and wrote it?

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