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It was good...I'll give them that much
Posted August 22, 2008

Not a "Yes You Have" in my opinion. That song made me like Leeland in the first place. "Sound of Melodies" was amazing as well along with "Tears of the Saints"...they were brilliant and its hard to follow up with. Its like Jars of Clay with flood, but they did a good job on this CD. I didnt like all of the songs, but that happens a lot on most CD's. Opposite Way is a really good one and reminds us how our Savior came and was so different from us in such an amazing and humbling way. Let It Out Now I really enjoyed as well. Its nice being reminded that we aren't just here...we were chosen by God. Out of the seas of faces mine was picked to help the cause and to run the opposite way of the world. Enter This Temple sounds really good and its catchy its a call out to live like the children of our Heavenly Father. I liked it. And my last favorite on the CD was Falling For You. How often we stray, maybe days, months, years at a time...but you just cant stay far away because every time God really touches your soul its like falling in love with Him all over again. Good job Leeland. I'm impressed.

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