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Posted March 14, 2008
By thirdsaint,

Here's another band whose sound isn't normally in line with my tastes. The vocals are high-pitched and very 'whiny' sounding, but the music is a barrage of many styles coming together as one. The lyrics are very cryptic, but you can see the Christian message if you think hard enough about it. That isn't so much of a plus in my book since I'm not the type that feels a whole album (after album) of relationship songs is necessary but that's not all it is. The pace of the album is a quick one with a few slow songs like 'The Unwinding Cable Car' or the cynical closer 'Fin' used sparingly. As a result, the songs can tend to run into themselves if the listener isn't giving their full attention. Every track has some sort of a vocal hook in the chorus or catchy beat to stick in your head. The keyboards also seem to have a stronger presence here than in albums past. All in all, this feels like a very solid piece of art that they pulled together for a very important third album. The question is, with jumping to a major label, do they further stray away from any Christian roots to appeal to the masses more? Time will tell. For now this album is the best they've put out.

Gems of this album are: 'Dismantle.Repair.', 'Godspeed', 'Inevitable', 'The Unwinding Cable Car'

Overall - 9.5/10

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