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Rings Loud and Clear
Posted January 30, 2008
By KevinMcNeese_NRT, Staff Reviewer

There\'s just something about white guys who rap. True, there have been a few misses in the past (see Vanilla Ice, Buba Sparks, etc.) but the popularity of Eminem and Kid Rock has paved the way for a whole new wave of rap. tobyMac, KJ-52 and Ill Harmonics make my list as the \"powerhouse whities\" in Christian R&B/Rap. On Ill Harmonics\' second album, Take Two, Blake Knight and Playdough have allowed time and vision to develop into a stable and irresistible sound. On their first album, Another Octave Above, there was a lot of promise, but the smooth harmonies and layered vocals found on Take Two were simply nonexistent. This new album soars where the debut fell flat, and most of the highlights are in post production work that brings this album to form. The musical depth on this record elevate the seriousness of Ill to take their message to all who will listen. The subject matter definitely sets this album apart from their crotch-grabbing, basement emcees that rock the current music world. Make no mistake, Take Two rings loud and clear with the name of Jesus. The album also features guest appearances by DJ Maj, Freddie Bruno, Earthsuit, and Marcos of P.O.D.

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