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Posted September 30, 2020
By JoshuaGalla_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
James Larrick, stage name JIMMY ROCK, originates from Sandusky, Ohio. He entered the Christian music scene in 2016 with his debut single “Primero,” under collaboration with Ben Crespo. Over the last four-year period, Rock has opened for premier artists such as Lecrae, Skillet, Social Club Misfits, Andy Mineo, Family Force 5, and a wide range of others. His talents range from an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artist, performer, producer, and creative. Essentially, a renaissance man of the musical arts.
Some of Rock’s recent hit singles include “Here with You,” featuring Destiny Gurley, “Replay,” featuring Ben G., and “84.” You can check out his discography on Spotify by clicking here.
Over five years, he has already collected a number of accolades. Rock has co-hosted and performed at nationally-known festivals
Alive Festival, SonFest, United Festivalthroughout major cities, including Nashville, Detroit, Las Vegas, and New York City. He’s deejayed at some of the most high-profile award show afterparties and watch shows, Mayweather vs. McGregor. Rock has taken his extensive skill set and traveled frequently using his talents from God to keep the party moving.
Rock’s highly anticipated debut studio EP, World of Drops, brings energy like no other. The collective sound combines varying stylings of music merging together hip-hop, trap, spoken word, and electronic dance as its core. Overall production of the project was kept in-house between Rock and long-time friend Ben Crespo.
What it Sounds Like
The EP opens up with "Intro to War," an introduction from spoken word artist, Egypt Speaks. The Cleveland, Ohio native has toured the world sharing her stories through the art of poetry. The essence of the track resonates that beyond war, beauty lies.
Jimmy Rock is an orchestrator of sound. His art form rests in the emotional draw of music. How particular sounds tug at the heart and soul. How an elevated tempo forces the body to move vigorously. Poised as a deejay first, then an artist second, Rock pursues a responsibility to control crowd response.
Tracks such as “War,” “Don’t Sleep on Me,” and “You Feel It” are within the wheelhouse of Rock. Such tracks were created to provide an immediate impact on a crowd of listeners. Some may see these as ideal tracks for a workout playlist or theme music at a sporting event. If so? Mission accomplished in the sight of Rock. Otherwise, future crowds will be wiping sweat off their foreheads while enjoying genuine dance music begging movement to occur from the front row to the rafters.
The remaining two tracks, “Catch These Hands,” featuring artist Pettidee, and “Won’t Stop,” featuring artist Steven Malcolm and FERN, of Social Club Misfits, invite guest features to the party Rock facilitates through his musical craft. They extend his reach between the EDM and CHH fanbases united in sound and rhyme.
Spiritual Highlights 
The artist and the included features embrace a unique role on a project like this. The roles reverse as the features are the ones providing the content overall above the production merit Rock provides. To gauge spiritual content, we look to Pettidee, Steven Malcolm, FERN, and Egypt Speaks.
Listeners should particularly pay attention to the verbal talents of Egypt Speaks from the introduction. The value contained within her contribution speaks volumes. Steven Malcolm brings honor to God several times over on “Won’t Stop.” Malcolm speaks of what all Christians want to hear the day we meet Jesus, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”
Besides the wholesome generous helping of EDM content, Rock provides, his features do not disappoint exposing their own faith and willingness to brag on our God.

Best Song on the Record 
I’ve been a “since day one” fan of both Malcolm and FERN, so “Won’t Stop” snags the accolade of my favorite track from the EP. Each featured artist spits some of their best bars in quite some time respectfully. Together with a forceful, deep baseline, the track doesn’t disappoint on any level. I do not think my minivan speakers have fully recovered to this day. The entire vibe just makes me smile and nod my head in accordance with the catchy feel.

For Fans Of
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Final Word
Rock’s dominance of sound control and production excellence only disappoints by the lack of content. I crave at least two or three more doses of a similar sound after the last track ends. Then again, that’s why an old guy like me misses the focus on albums before EPs were ever normalized into the industry. Even in its shortened form, I adore each track individually for different reasons. The manor in which Rock was able to merge spoken word, EDM, and hip-hop into a short overall playtime was masterful. I’m immediately anticipating what’s next from Rock and to any artist
that equals success.

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