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Posted July 17, 2020
By JoshuaGalla_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Parris Chariz, a Detroit native, aims to bridge the gap between Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and mainstream rap through his own skillset and lyrical messages. Since 2015, Parris has released seven projects and many singles; an impressive discography of Friday night vibes and anthems.

He entered CHH in 2015 with his debut album, Appreciation, which gained favor with many hip-hop heads and popular CHH artists. Parris' next project, In Your Weakness, kicked his influence into full effect, certifying him as one of the elite artists in hip-hop. His consistent features with artists like WHATUPRG, Ty Brasel, and Jarry Manna have led to a successful, yet underappreciated career in the genre. With Parris' latest release, 2045, the artist's constant grind is about to receive overwhelming support and recognition being his best work to date in the five-year span.

What Does It Sound Like
Parris says that 2045 is built around self-reflection and overcoming–specifically fear, lust, and comparison. This project represents the most transparent version of him to date. For this project, he tagged Medisin, one of the most underrated, yet talented producers in the CHH space, to handle a substantial amount of the album's material. Keen listeners can hear his distinct influences and the use of seldomly-used sounds, such as strings, electronic components, and guitars. Some examples of the creative production used are found on “Hate Me or Love Me,” “Starlit” (feat. Ty Brasel and FOGGIERAW), and “Danger.”
Content-wise, 2045 seldom misses the mark. The rhyme schemes, wordplay, lyricism, and emotion poured throughout equates to his best work to date. “Can’t Hold Back Freestyle” showcases Parris' artillery-like delivery of bars. Switching talent spheres, Parris runs his rhythm & blues (R&B) skillset on “Secrets” and “Geeked Up.” Overall, the sound is diverse, transparent, talent-dripped, and smothered with replay value.

Spiritual Highlights:
On par with every release from Parris, 2045 doesn’t shy away from godly and spiritual references. “Hunger Games” quotes that Jesus was in the room when I was born. “Hate Me or Love Me” encourages listeners with this one-liner: Mama taught me you just throw up a prayer. Parris may not utter the name of Jesus 10 times on every track. But, his talents as an emcee are built like a bridge between Christians and non-believers.
His skill behind a mic gains him access to people groups most don’t have access to otherwise. If you follow Parris on social media, you'll see his personality screams the love of Jesus. Like Lecrae of Reach Records, we need intercessors to bridge the gap between the two worlds making it possible for Jesus to work.

Best Song on the Record
Narrowing down quality projects to one favorite is never an easy task for me. 2045 has several favorites that resonate within me for various reasons. However, if I had to close my eyes and select a favorite, I’d go with “Hate Me or Love Me.” The track's production is brilliant. It’s definitely not your atypical trap beat and soundscape. It also has an aggressive acoustic guitar, soothing sounds of a flute–or oboe?–booming 808s. These combine for one of the all-time favorite production molds for a track. Over to the content, it’s classic Parris. Quick flow and delivery. Rich vocals and imprint. Everything came together beautifully as a highlight of the project. I’ve already listened to this song over a dozen times (if that means anything to the common listener). Great track.

For Fans of
Ty BraselJarry Manna, AKLESSO

Final Word
2045 is a creative collection, given by everything that Parris has to offer. Not just for the listener, but for the genre and art of music. Sonically, the project differs from most of its counterparts. Unique music from start to finish. The album has three bonus tracks, including 2019’s “Angels.”
The artistry blend of harmonies and lyricism, when done right, will always command a standing ovation. Parris possesses the tools to challenge any other artist within the genre (the talented artist has been one of my top ten artists since 2015).
Digest track to track with hunger. Ingest the music with eagerness. Catch the wave of “Surfboard P” and ride through a collection of some of the best hip-hop music in existence–whether speaking of the mainstream or Christian spaces.

Stream on Spotify or purchase 2045 on iTunes.

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