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Another Deitrick Haddon banger!
Posted April 16, 2020
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know: 
Deitrick Haddon has been in the music field since he was a teenager which is about 30 years. Since he ages well, one would have guessed that he is actually in his late twenties or early thirties. He has always been ahead of his time musically and a bit of a trendsetter when it comes to clothing. Countless albums with Voices of Unity and solo albums make up his massive Discography. Deitrick is a husband and father first, but he is also a pastor and actor as well. This timeless artist is back with another album, Time (Truth Is My Energy)

What it Sounds Like: 
“Go Back” is one to dance to and have fun with its mix of 80’s R&B, Jackson Five’s “ABC” and Deitrick’s signature Urban groove. The message is solid. He calls for people to go back to when we would pray and seek God after we first received Jesus into our hearts. With this onslaught of Covid-19 and the country spending most of the time at home, hopefully more prayer and worship is happening. Deitrick hooked up with superproducer Zaythoven to bring the Trap heavy “Gorilla Faith.” Parents, put this on at home on your system for your kids who love Trap music or rap and see how they react. To top things off, Atlanta rapper, Yung LA spits a few bars at the end. Deitrick has always been versatile. So he can go from “Gorilla Faith” to the churchy “Come Through” to a more Urban pop version of his worship song, “He’s Able.” Nothing sounds contrived. 

Spiritual Highlights:
On “He’s Able,” the end of the chorus says, “Don’t give up on God/cause He won’t give up on you/He’s able.” That part right there is needed when people feel like they are alone or wondering where God is. R&B slow jam, “Every Thing,” has Deitrick singing of surrendering all past hurts, triumphs, current issues, responsibilities to God. We are in a time of overwhelming uncertainty that is bringing anxiety, grief, and pain. Deitrick has an album that is perfect for this time. 

Best Song on the Record:
“Every Time” is my favorite song on a solid album! This pop ballad has the punchy drum programming melded with keyboards accented by the rhythm guitar. Deitrick gives thanks and praise to God for always coming through. It is just a great song. I do not want to sound cliche’ with picking another ballad as the best song, but “He Carried the Cross” is powerful! Both “Every Time” and “You Carried The Cross” have accompanying music videos to go with them. 

For Fans Of:
Tauren Wells, Gene Moore, Rance Allen

Final Word:
For someone to be in Gospel or Christian music as long as Deitrick Haddon has and still have cutting edge music and relevant lyrics, it should be celebrated and recognized! Time (Truth Is My Energy) came out at the right time and hopefully people will enjoy it during this hopefully short season of lockdown and social distancing and beyond.

Stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

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