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A Powerful Sophomore Record
Posted January 22, 2020
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Few bands have ever burst onto the scene with a captivating mix of outstanding talent, bold honesty and a life-changing heart for ministry like We Are Messengers did with their 2016 debut. The band quickly garnered an overwhelming fanbase with their pop sound and encouraging lyrics, and they've been raising the bar for their fellow artists ever since, both in the quality music they're creating and the rare rapport they've been intentional about having with their listeners. Following their breakout debut album and recent Honest EP that pulled at the hearts of all who heard lead single "Maybe It's Okay," We Are Messengers now introduces the next chapter of their career with their long-awaited sophomore record, Power.

What It Sounds Like
As is paramount in any well-rounded album, Power features a well-balanced mix of upbeat pop anthems and emotion-heavy ballads. A band that knows how to execute both sides of their sound flawlessly, the infectious feel-good pop tracks ("I Need To Feel It," "Power," "Never Change Your Mind," "Love") offer a dose of empowerment for your faith, while the more laid-back feel in "Maybe It's Okay," "Home," "Never Stop Singing" and "Always You" offers a chance for reflection and worship. 

Spiritual Highlights
Something I've admired since day one about We Are Messengers is their dedication to being boldly honest and transparent with their music, always leveraged in such a way that listeners are encouraged and God is glorified. That same songwriting prowess is evident in every lyric of Power, perhaps best of all in lead single "Maybe It's Okay." With this and other songs, the band uses their platform to inspire vulnerability in all who hear it, while also drawing the attention back to Christ. 

Best Song on the Album 
While "Maybe It's Ok" is the obvious standout on this record for aforementioned reasons, most fans will already be familiar with that cut from their previous Honest EP. In light of the new tracks on this album, "Knock Me Down" is the frontrunner for the song I just can't take off repeat. The track is contagiously empowering, inviting a smile on your face and a spark of strength into your bones. A track that feels like it could soon be brought to life as part of a movie or television show soundtrack, the chorus boasts words of confidence: "You can put me in a cage but Imma bust right out / no, there's nothing gonna hold me."

For Fans Of
Unspoken, Jason Gray, Sanctus Real

Final Word
Simply put, Power shows We Are Messengers at the top of their game, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Few bands have mastered their high-quality balance of talent and heart, continually giving fans a place to find music that both encourages them and makes them feel understood. Power is another win for the Messengers crew, proving once again why they're one of the best groups in music today and why they have so quickly become a fan-favorite across the board. 

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