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Worship Encounter Is Also An Album
Posted September 19, 2019
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Thank God for Pastor William McDowell. Though he is considered an artist, William McDowell is one who totally wants people to experience God in a deep way when he or she listens to his albums or attends his church or anytime God is being glorified. Since he exploded onto the scene with I Give Myself Away, Pastor McDowell has released albums that are refreshing and powerful. The Cry: A Live Worship Experience (recorded live in Chattanooga, Tennessee) is another one! The same group of singers like Trinity Anderson, Daniel Johnson, Chris Lawson and more are present along with Aaron Lindsey serving as the producer of this record.

What it Sounds Like:
Nothing’s impossible/All things are possible/He’s still working miracles/It’s happening now!” the background vocalists so emphatically sing on the high energy “Nothing’s Impossible.” Tasha Cobbs Leonard lends her powerhouse vocals to the reassuring “Even Now,” ad-libbing to the faith-building tag “Even now You can do it.” Listening to this song my cause one to pull over and praise in the reassurance of God’s sovereign hand and human defying abilities. Wanting to see more people in love with Jesus with endurance and having this passion spread like wildfire is the theme of the title track. The singers and musicians have some mouth dropping moments on this power ballad, but it never overshadows the roaring cry for revival. The wonderful thing about this album is the songs flow together and it is really one big clarion call for more of Jesus. “Touch The Hem” features Trinity Anderson (who is also on two other songs). WOW! Just listen to this at your own risk.

Spiritual Highlights:  
In the midst of all of the turmoil and tension plaguing this country, this album is so needed! It could not have come at a better time. People are leaving the Faith and others have ended their lives. There are so many in the Church who are hurting. An album of this magnitude could really spark a revival. Listening to it is literally causing me to want more of Jesus.

Best Song on the Record: 
“Nothing Like Your Presence” is one of those “You just had to be there moments” captured on record! It is 14 minutes and 53 seconds of worship in reckless abandon. Press play and get lost in worship as Travis Greene, Nathaniel Greene and Pastor McDowell lead this “charged” audience into a frenzy! I am so glad that they did not allow industry norms to stop us from experiencing this “moment.”

For Fans Of:
Israel and New Breed, Todd Galberth, Bethel Worship, Tasha Cobbs, David and Nicole Binion

Final Word: 
This is not a normal album! This is not a cookie-cutter “worship” album. So many powerful songs of declaration, worship, triumph, desperation, reassurance and more. As the song, “Still Moving” says, “He’s still moving/He’s still proving/Just how great He is/How great He is.”

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