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A Testimony of Praise
Posted September 12, 2019
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
For the Big Daddy Weave crew, ministry is more than what they do--it's who they are. At the core of the band is a heart that authentically and passionately purses Christ and invites all who listen to join in. For nearly two decades now, that spirit has invaded every song and led to Big Daddy Weave becoming a leader in the worship genre with countless powerful anthems and live shows that leave an unforgettable impact. After a difficult past few years that have included severe sickness, heartbreaking diagnoses and a lot of loss for the band and their families, their tenacious faith is encompassed in the newest record, When The Light Comes, that declares God's goodness through it all. 

What It Sounds Like
In a mixture that has become signature for Big Daddy Weave, this record is split between feel-good pop anthems and emotionally-charged declarations of worship. "This Is What We Live For," "Turn On The Light," "What I've Got," and "Alive" bring the energy up while delivering power-packed lyrics, as moving yet reverent "All Things New," "I Know," "The Name of Jesus," and "Your Love Changes Everything" offer thought-provoking themes that invite listeners into a time of worship. 

Spiritual Highlights
As with every Big Daddy Weave project, the whole of this record points back to Jesus and focuses on ministry. With tracks that center on purpose in life ("This Is What We Live For," "I Want To Tell The World") and the power of Jesus at work in us ("What I've Got," "Alive," and "Your Love Changes Everything"), When The Light Comes will leave you feeling encouraged in your faith. Much of the record was written while the band walked through a series of deep difficulties, and their persistent faith in the midst of those trials is reflected in tracks "Turn On The Light," "I Know," "All Things New," and "The Name of Jesus." 

Best Song on the Album
One of the many powerful moments mentioned above, "I Know" is the kind of life-changing declaration that comes from clinging to authentic faith in the midst of intense suffering. If there were one song that sums up the heartbeat of this record--declaring the goodness of God despite life's challenges and disappointments--this is it. "Though my eyes have never seen You, I've seen enough to say, 'I Know that You are good, I know that You are kind, I know that You are so much more than what I leave behind," the chorus proclaims. 

For Fans Of
Casting Crowns, Sanctus Real, MercyMe

Final Word
When The Light Comes encapsulates the mission that we've seen from the very beginning of Big Daddy Weave's career--sharing declarations of faith for those in all walks of life. Regardless of what you're dealing with in your current season of life, you'll find some truth in these songs to carry you through and spur you on. When The Light Comes is another win for the Big Daddy Weave crew, standing as a true testimony to what it looks like to faithfully worship through the darkness of life and come out on the other side with a revived praise. 

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