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Love Letter Kill Shot by Disciple
Posted September 10, 2019
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Disciple's twelfth album is released in full partnership through Tooth and Nail Records, entitled Love Letter Kill Shot. Despite a handful of line-up changes, the current lineup, consisting of Kevin Young (vocals), Josiah Prince (guitar), Joey West (drums), and Andrew Stanton (guitar), is their strongest yet. This new album showcases Disciple's signature strengths and mixes in fresh sounds. Anticipation for this album has grown greatly, thanks to their newfound street team, "Disciple Alliance" and their Patreon Community, "The Rebel Society."  

What it Sounds Like:
Love Letter Kill Shot is an album that harkens back to Disciple's big hits while introducing new sounds, unlike any other Disciple album. Songs like "Reanimate" is a thrasher, "Play to Win" is a victory anthem, much like "Game On" or "Rise Up," and "Best Thing Ever" among several others, is a ballad full of surrender. Disciple takes up new territory, both musically and thematically, but nonetheless, the sound that Disciple has mastered over the last couple of years is still there throughout the whole album. If you are looking for a genre, this is a southern hard rock album with guitar solos, emotional vocals, and some modern rock twists.

Spiritual Highlights:
Disciple is bold in its mission. Their mission is to share the Gospel and love people through the music God has given them. Kevin Young explains this well, if you ever make it to a concert, you should know he will be unashamed in his love for Christ and their lyrics show it well. "Reanimate" takes a unique perspective of Jesus taking up the sins of mankind, with a bridge that proclaims the Biblical truth of "He who knew no sin has become sin for us" (2 Corinthians 5:21). "Fire Away" begins with the album title in the beginning, "Your love letter's a kill shot, tearing through my soul till nothing's left." It challenges us to say, "If my heart is the target, fire away." Only a full surrender will suffice for Jesus. Thematically, this album tackles suffering, hopelessness, addiction, pain, and internal struggles. Whether the songs give words to our suffering or offer hope and a way out, each song has an audience it can reach.

Best Song on the Record:
There are a few stand-out songs depending on what aspect of the album you are considering. "Never Too Late" is a great song overall. It showcases the familiarity of Disciple's music that fans know as well as the inventive styles of the new album. It is gritty and emotionally charged. You can hear every band member shine in this song at different points as well. 

For Fans Of:
Decyfer Down, Demon Hunter, Skillet

Final Word: 
Love Letter Kill Shot is a masterfully crafted album that delves into the depths of our spiritual journey. Disciple displays diverse thematic and musical prowess in this new album. It is a heavy album, in almost every definition of the word. Despite making over a dozen albums with some huge hits, Love Letter Kill Shot is a powerful, inventive album that must not go unnoticed. 

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