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A Foreigner to the World, Not to the Streets
Posted August 29, 2019
By JoshuaGalla_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:  
Pettidee released his first project Still Alive in 1999, 20 years ago. Two decades later, he’s mastered the logistics of the industry revered as one of Christian Hip-Hop’s (CHH) pioneers, talented producers, and innovator of eclectic sounds. Born Dewayne Petty down in Florida, his music has achieved mainstream placement in over 10 opportunities ranging from America’s Top Model to FX’s acclaimed Sons of Anarchy. Pettidee has produced for the likes of The Grits and has withstood numerous trends within the industry while remaining relevant to the streets and spreading the name of Jesus.
His most recent offering, Alien, capitalizes on Pettidee’s zone of comfort. He produced and mixed the entire EP personally while meshing various sounds sonically which few artists venture into currently. The project brings to life how Pettidee has fine-tuned and finessed his God-given talents to add souls to the Kingdom through the art of hip-hop.

What it Sounds Like: 
Pettidee’s authentic southern sound remains in-tact regardless of the time expired. Aggressive, gritty, dense, yet smothered in truth and hope. For the current project, he integrated electronic (EDM), island, and trap sounds infused with classic hip-hop vibes from the south bridging from his roots forward.
The opening and title track “Alien” matched its intended concept with a futuristic feel and tone throughout. “Lethal” meshes a reggaeton vibe with hard-hitting 808’s forcing body movement. The energetic “Thru the Fire” reminds listeners of that classic Pettidee sound which made him famous.
Essentially, Pettidee’s creativity and experience in the genre is crystal clear throughout the project. You hear the maturity and growth in the lyrics, the precision of the production and the spiritual content is quite evident. The sound of everything meshes well as the Floridian rapper is no “alien” to hip-hop culture.

Spiritual Highlights: 
 “I feel strange here, this is not where I belong,” lyrics that kick of the project cementing Pettidee’s faith and relationship with God. He goes on to utter the words, “I’m a strange man, in a strange land, and it’s God’s plan.” Throughout his elongated career dating back to the ’90s, Pettidee has always made one thing clear – his faith remains at the forefront of his craft and skills as a rapper. He’s always been known to be the voice for God in the streets pulling souls towards the Kingdom one at a time. His mission has always put God first, he and his career second.
The project ends with basically a worship track, “Hands in the Air,” exclaiming his love for God and worship of who God is. It’s filled with praise and a soulful twist to Pettidee’s typical lyrical arsenal providing a logical sense of completion to ‘Alien.’
Best Song on the Record: 
No Pain, No Gain” featuring Philip White snags best track honors for numerous reasons. Lyrically, it’s the most in-depth and relatable track on the project. He speaks on systematic injustice, concerns from the streets, personal experiences with pain and strife, yet backs it with the hope and faith found in God.
Sonically, it contains some of the hardest 808’s I’ve ever heard coupled with a sound standing above typical trap music the genre has been smothered with.
The heart behind this track is quite inspiring, one thing that sets CHH apart from mainstream hip-hop. Real-life issues are discussed, but not without the hope, love, compassion, and grace felt from God. Christians main endure pain often, but not without progression. We’re tested, but with good reason. Out of the rubble, strength is discovered in various forms.

For Fans Of: 

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Final Word:
The concept of the project should be echoed throughout the industry. Believers are aliens to this world, as this world is not our home. Temporary. Our home resides in Heaven praising God and His Son for eternity. Regardless of the pain, struggle, or trials faced daily while alive, hope exists. The hope in our permanent residence. The hope that no matter the difficulties faced; we know the final outcome. This message was beautifully intertwined throughout the project.
Pettidee may be an OG of this genre and space, but the message has never changed. Southern hip-hop laced with creative production and hope-filled content set out to inspire entire generations.

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