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A Master Storyteller
Posted August 07, 2019
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
One thing that has always set Jason Gray apart from the rest of the CCM community is his exceptional way to tell an authentic, honest story within three minutes of a song that leaves you feeling seen and known. That gift has been present in Jason's music from the very beginning of his career, but has continued to get bolder and brighter with every new project. The next release in that series comes as a trilogy, each part unfolding to tell the story of Order, Disorder and Reorder. Each piece a five-song journey that digs deeper into the story, Gray kicks off the series with Order

What It Sounds Like
Sonically varying from Jason's last release that saw him branch out to a more pop vibe in an EP partnered with producer/son Kipper Gray, Order finds Jason back at his singer/songwriter roots, while still keeping elements of the contemporary pop sound that has garnered him much radio success. A re-worked "Becoming" (originally from the Kipper Gray Sessions EP) opens the album, inviting the hopeful sound that has become signature in Jason's music. "Maker of Mornings" and "Wonder" stay upbeat, running into lead single "I'm Gonna Let It Go," the feel-good anthem of the summer that is sure to get you moving. 

Spiritual Highlights
The whole of this project centers around the process of Order, Disorder, Reorder-- that is, that we are constantly being remade and redeemed, even through the things that break our hearts, because we have a Father who will do whatever He has to to make us look more like Him. That idea can be found weaving itself through each song, notably: "Becoming," which acknowledges the painful process of becoming the person you want to be, "Maker Of Mornings," which roots us in the truth that we are loved by the Creator of all, regardless of where we're at in our journey of becoming, and "I'm Gonna Let It Go," which encourages listeners to loosen their grip of control and allow God to take charge of the becoming process. 

Best Song on the Album
Every song on Order is noteworthy, but the pop melodies, catchy hook and fun gang vocals on "Wonder" make it a track you'll find difficult to keep off repeat. "Fill me up / fill me up with the wonder / give me a childlike heart / God, help me rediscover how wonderful You are," the song prays in longing for a spiritual awakening and childlike faith. 

For Fans Of
Andrew Peterson, Unspoken, Tenth Avenue North

Final Word
Heard clearly in the outline of the project as a whole, then detailed in every song that takes us along the storyline of Order, Disorder, Reorder, every new release seems to scream it a little louder-- Jason Gray is a master storyteller. With two more pieces of this story still to come, Order sets the stage beautifully and stands tall as Jason continues to raise the bar for songwriters and artists everywhere. 

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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