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Eclipse by Wolves at the Gate
Posted July 14, 2019
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Wolves at the Gate is a post-hardcore band based out of Columbus, Ohio who have been signed to Solid State Records. Since 2008, they have been easily identified through their signature lyrical style. They have been very upfront and direct with their Christian faith through their lyrics combined with aggressive music. Eclipse is their new album, which they produced themselves, and which also features two guitarists consistently - both new changes.
What It Sounds Like:
One of the first descriptions I came up with when I discovered Wolves At The Gate was "if Disciple went post-hardcore, this would be a close fit." Minus the southern influence, of course. Nick Detty has more clean vocals mixed in and a majority of the songs have softer verses while having the bigger choruses. Strong screams, truly gripping lyrics, and great melody between Stephen Cobucci on cleans and Nick Detty on unclean solidify this album as some of Wolves at the Gate's best work!
Spiritual Highlights:
Romans 1:16 seems to drive "Response," with staying unashamed of the Gospel while trying to share it with others who may be hesitant being a main theme. Matthew 22:22-23 tells of Peter walking on water toward the Lord, and "The Sea in Between" is based around the theme of being in the waves with God singing "Will you carry me across and redeem what I have lost?" and "The waves they crashed upon Your frame You suffered all my loss. This rescue came with suffering completely at Your cost." "A Voice In The Wilderness" has similar sound and lyrics that "Relief" and "Dead Man" have from previous albums. Altogether, the songs almost all have a direct focus on God's help in our time of need and trials. 
Best Song On The Album:
"Response" is a heart-touching and passionate song about telling others of the Gospel. "I'm not tricking you; I'm not selling truth / I just want you to hear of this matchless love! I'm not selling you lies, just a beggar who has found favor." Every believer who has tried to share their faith to a resistant heart will resonate with this song, and perhaps, even connect with the aggressiveness and passion of the song. We want nothing more than for others to receive God's perfect love. 
For Fans Of:
For Today, Phinehas, Amongst the Giants
Final Word:
Eclipse is a great step forward in musical production for Wolves at the Gate. Fans of their older music will find that the lyrics are not directed to God as directly, though they are still often clear enough to be faith-driven. If you are struggling in your faith or going through some rough times, the messages in these songs should encourage you and remind you of what to do. It tells one major story in a myriad of ways: don't let what's real be hidden by darkness.

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Releasing October 2 |More News

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