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In the Dark review
Posted July 10, 2019
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Silversyde is a female-fronted hard rock band from across the U.S. Their music aims to find hope in the worst of life's circumstances. The bass-thumping rock helps deliver a strong message of hope, healing, and help by relying on the Lord and His love. They released SILVERSYDE with a mission of helping people find "Hope, Eternity, Love and Purity" (how they define HELP) through passionate, honest, and hopeful lyrics. They released their first album, Circus Circus in 2011 independently and most recently dropped a 6-song EP, Casting Shadows, in 2015. In The Dark is their first full-length album through a major label, Rockfest Records. 

What It Sounds Like:
In the Dark is an album that should fit right in with any rock fan's library. The overall sound of the album is not surprising, as you find your typical rock and roll elements. With a familiar sound, SILVERSYDE mixes in their messages of hope and God's love. Only a handful of screams are found on the whole album, most notably on "Hope On The Horizon." There is a guest vocalist on "Maelene's Song," and most of the songs have either a faded intro or a long instrumental intro. The song "Sleepwalking" has a very strong Fireflight sound to it.

Spiritual Highlights:
Faith-driven lyrics make it easy to see the spiritual battles that Silversyde write about. Isaiah 41:10's message is one that resounds throughout several songs. During "Maelene's Song," a line says "dont give up, I hold your tears", reminding us of Psalm 56:8, Psalm 147:3, and John 16:20. The Lord promises to care for us, He notices our tears, and will turn them from tears of sadness to shouts of joy. Bringing beauty from ashes is something that God promises to do. It might not be our timing and we must be patient, but this is a message that SILVERSYDE sends well.

Best Song On the Album:
A culmination of the lyrical style, the scream at the end of the song, and the melody of Laura's singing synced with the thumping of the bass makes "Hope on the Horizon" the best song on the album. The chorus has a catchy rhyming and the message is simple and hopeful. "It's my last chance, last breath and it's all gonna be alright." It's a step better than the rest overall.

For Fans Of:
Fireflight, Red, The Letter Black

Final Word:
Silversyde can slide right into mainstream rock with their quality, yet familiar sound of rock and roll. That's great, because they will leave a hopeful message of love, even in the darkest of life's moments. Believers will find encouragement through the album, and hopefully the unsaved will find true hope in Jesus through the music. 

Stream Into The Dark on Spotify or buy it on Apple Music.

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