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A Promising Follow-Up
Posted June 14, 2019
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
With a passion for music that traces all the way back to her childhood, new artist Teressa Mahoney has been a singer/songwriter for most of her life. After taking a brief hiatus to raise her family, Teressa returned to the music scene in 2017 with her indie/folk debut album Made New. Now, two years later, Mahoney offers her highly-anticipated sophomore follow-up, Beyond

What It Sounds Like:
Imagine the vivid storytelling qualities of Andrew Peterson's songwriting, the tender passion of Audrey Assad's piano melodies, and the soft sweetness of JJ Heller's voice all colliding together--that gives you a good preview of what you'll hear from Beyond. With her captivating voice and style, Teressa is sure to draw your attention within seconds of pressing play on this album. 

Spiritual Highlights:
From singing Scripture in "Restore (Psalm 23)" to a breathtaking look at the story of Abraham and Isaac in "Let Go," Beyond visits spiritual topics in creative, moving ways. Teressa dives further into Scripture with "Save Me O God (Psalm 69)" and the benediction of sorts found in "As You Go" that borrows from Philippians 1:3. 

Best Song on the Album:
"Restore (Psalm 23)" is a highlight on Beyond, both for its peaceful, lullaby-like melody and the beautiful way Teressa weaves the promises of the well-known Psalm into a singable declaration. 

For Fans Of:
Andrew Peterson, Audrey Assad, JJ Heller

Final Word:
With a sound that is beautifully reminiscent of the aforementioned artists yet ultimately it's own creation, Beyond feels both familiar and brand new, in all the best ways. An album that fills the space of both storytelling and scripture-speaking, Beyond is a promising addition to Teressa Mahoney's discography. 

Buy Beyond on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify.

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