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No Limits with Jesus on our Side
Posted March 26, 2019
By BrendanBurke_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What you Need to Know:
The Freedom Movement band is a collective; a melting pot of musicians, diverse in ethnicity, influences and backgrounds spanning a wide array of human experiences Freedom Movement Worship was found at the Freedom Church of Philadelphia, a fast-growing church in the city. Freedom Movement is the collective of artists creating the soundtrack to the wave of growth the church is experiencing in this season.

What it Sounds Like:
This album offers many different styles and should be a joy for everyone to listen to. With a variety of genres from rock, pop, and gospel this is one album that should be in your weekly rotation. The album also is live so it makes you feel like you are in the front row watching them perform. Every song in this album will make you want to play the next one and play the entire album again and again.

For Fans Of:
Passion, Kirk Franklin, Diverse City 

Spiritual Highlight:
Every song is a spiritual highlight but “King of my Heart” is the biggest highlight. This song is an inspiration because God loves us no matter what and he will always be in our hearts. He will defend us from evil and always be there in our darkest times. The entire album is an inspiration and a journey of wonder.

Best Song on Album:
"Spirit Break Out" is by far my personal favorite song on the album. It gives you the classic gospel vibe and makes me want to sing along. “Heaven Come Down” and “Spirit Break Out” makes you want to go out and worship and spread the good news of God.

Final Word:
Freedom Movement’s new album is a must play for everyone. It makes you feel connected with Jesus and it makes you want to explore them more. It gives you a classic Gospel album feel in 2019. This is a must listen and you will enjoy every moment of the day.

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