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Get Ready for 'Peace'
Posted March 21, 2019
By PaulPhillips_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Peace is one of two recently released albums from rock metal legends Demon Hunter. One, Peace, shows the lighter, more melodic side of the band. War showcases the more aggressive side. By reputation, Demon Hunter is a hardcore or heavy metal band. They share their faith through heavy guitars and growling vocals. Peace is a different album altogether. Bravely, Demon Hunter stepped out of their comfort zone and experimented with sounds not usually found in their music.

What It Sounds Like:
"More Than Bones" is friendly for radio. Its catchy riffs and polished vocals give the song infectious repeatability. The title track, "Time Only Takes" and "Two Ways" are lighter versions of hardcore Demon Hunter. "Fear Is Not My Guide" is definitely not a song you'd find on a Demon Hunter album. It's Ryan Clarke's deep vocals, accompanied with pure Jim Brickman-style piano playing.

Demon Hunter also tinker with the arrangement on "Recuse Myself." The song starts off like a ballad, softens at the verses, and gets louder on the chorus. This arrangement continues throughout the entire song. The softer verses with heavier chorus balances the song nicely. The beginning of "When the Devil Come" sounds like the beginning of "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica.

Spiritual Highlights:
Most songs embody spiritual warfare. "More Than Bones" carries a strong message of faith: "When the fear is your Messiah/Weaponize your mind/Carve these hollow words inside your soul/I will send to you a passage/Far beyond my time/Hear my fury echo through your cold." "Bet My Life" also carries a very strong spiritual message: "I've been around the world and never in my wildest dreams/Would I come running home to you/I've told a million lies but now I tell a single truth/There's you in everything I do."

About Peace, Ryan Clarke in a recent interview said, "As always, the songs cover a wide assortment of topics from general life issues to confronting mortality and even weathering the current political discussion." Peace definitely proves that fact.

Best Song on the Record:
"Loneliness" is a masterpiece. It sounds like a song you'd find on a Metallica album--only with a more positive vibe. Demon Hunter successfully builds a gloomy atmosphere with Clarke's vocals and the band's soothing guitar riffs. The song is intimate and hopeful. I'll even use the word, "epic." Acoustic guitars in one part of the song is definitely a nice touch.

For Fans Of:
Skillet, Disciple, The Protest, Memphis May Fire, Nine Lashes, Wolves at the Gate, The Letter Black

Final Word:
I'm a sucker for eerie ballads ("Loneliness"). I'm also a huge fan of radio friendly rock ("More Than Bones"). So, for me, as a listener, Peace is a real treat. From a reviewer's standpoint, I admire that Demon Hunter, as a band of musicians, sampled new sounds on a record. They never deviated from their spiritual warfare messages. This album may rope in a few new listeners, fans of different genres. It definitely made me a believer.

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