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Get Ready for 'War'
Posted March 21, 2019
By PaulPhillips_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Rock metal legends Demon Hunter has recently released, not one, but two albums. The first, Peace, showcases the softer, more melodic side of the band. The second, War, embraces a more aggressive sound. By reputation, Demon Hunter is a hardcore or heavy metal band. They share their faith through heavy guitars and growling vocals. War fits the bill of a regular Demon Hunter album. In other words, if you're a huge fan of Demon Hunter's signature sound, you won't be disappointed.

What It Sounds Like:
"Cut to Fit" and "Close Enough" carry Demon Hunter's signature sound. "Lesser Gods" is a standout. It starts off with a gloomy, slower sound, and progressively moves into heavy guitars, singer Ryan Clarke's signature growling, and slows down again. Many of War's songs have beautifully arranged instrumentation. Some of these arrangements last for a few seconds, some last the entire song. Also, be on the lookout for some well done '80s sounds.

Spiritual Highlights:
In a recent interview with NewReleaseToday, Clarke said, "The albums are not conceptual in terms of lyrics or overarching themes. As always, the songs cover a wide assortment of topics from general life issues to confronting mortality and even weathering the current political discussion." With that being said, whether intentional or not, Demon Hunter has taken the listener down the road of aggressive worship. The listener stands with Jesus, ready for spiritual warfare. Satan beware.

Best Song on the Record:
"Grey Matter" and "Leave Life Alone," have more of a melodic sound. On a metalcore album, songs like these show vulnerability, because they showcase more melody (You'll find more songs like these on Peace).

For Fans Of:
Skillet, Disciple, The Protest, Memphis May Fire, Nine Lashes, Wolves at the Gate, The Letter Black

Final Word:
Demon Hunter's reputation speaks for itself. Its sound is recognizable to many rock heads, such as myself. War is no different. Actually, what War proves is that Demon Hunter is one of the few bands who still embrace the rock style. The band has that luxury, because it's their reputation and their solid music that keeps them relevant. With that being said, War, is one of two new albums. Peace is the experimental project, whereas War satiates the appetite of Demon Hunter's fans. Overall, this album will leave the Demon Hunter fan feeling full and satisfied.

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