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Posted March 14, 2019
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Husband and wife duo Jonathan and Britney Cashman, The Cashmans, are published authors and worship artists who travel full-time across America and internationally with their music and speaking ministry. Their mission is to provide authentic worship, and to assist the local church in building discipleship-based small groups. Together, Jonathan and Britney have written and recorded many worship and contemporary Christian albums, including their latest project, City of God, with Grammy and Dove Award winning producers Ian Eskelin and Barry Weeks.

What It Sounds Like:
Depending on who is on vocals, The Cashmans delve into a different flavor of popular worship music. Jonathan Cashman's vocals balance the deep and soft contemporary accessibilities of a worship leader with just a hint of rock power. This carries songs like single worthy "All Things New" to energetic heights. Britney Cashman's vocals fit more into the modern Hillsong United and Bethel Music molds, with the songs she leads often resembling hits from those artists in their crescendo structure. 

Spiritual Highlights:
These songs tackle straight worship and also songs reflecting on God's work in our lives. Listeners may recognize a few covers here, such as "Carried to the Table" (popularized by Leeland), an emotional song of thanksgiving to God for carrying us to a reward we do not deserve. These songs overflow with a desire to share the greatness of Christ, as "Reaching" proclaims, "what good is the truth if it can't be told?"

For Fans Of:
United, Bethel Music, By The TreeLeeland

Best Song:
"All Things New"

Final Word:
Capturing a multitude of musical influences, listeners are likely to find something for their tastes in this worshipful offering.

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