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In The Tradition of Modern Megachurch Worship
Posted February 19, 2019
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
UPPERROOM independently releases its fourth recording and first full-length album, To The One, Feb. 22. "We believe these songs will inspire the Church to gaze solely, in awe and wonder, at Jesus," says Elyssa Smith, who leads worship at UPPERROOM's main church campus in Dallas, TX. "As we've encountered Him, He's given us language to minister to Him. He is the One and every song is for Him.

What It Sounds Like
Fans of popular megachurch worship bands should feel right at home here. With both male and female-led anthems, these songs give the extended worship ballad a drive through nine tracks that should satisfy fans of the genre. 

Spiritual Highlights
The limited lyrics force the songs to get to their points quickly, and worship fans should not be disappointed with a collection of explicit praise and lyrics of adoration and thankfulness to Our Creator.

For Fans Of
Hillsong, Bethel Music

Final Word
While probably one most appreciated by fans of the genre, there is a definite passion and simplicity to the songs here that should resonate with many a congregation. 

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