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Posted October 12, 2018
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Christon Gray quietly flies under the radar of most people. A talented crooner and rapper, Gray show's all sides of his talents - singing, rapping, writing and producing - on Clear The Heir. Whether it's Christian Hip Hop, Gospel, or Soul, no genre clearly defines what Gray does.  But, this new genre is all amour.

What It Sounds Like:
Clear The Heir is reminiscent of Gray's first release, Even With Evil With Me. The piano-driven ballads with impeccable vocal range are the centerpiece;  however, they do not put Christon in a box. The man can spit bars for days, as "Gray," "Grow Up," "Time Out" and "You and I (Sampson's Lament)" make crystal clear.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
"Take Me To The Water" highlights a desire to be washed clean from sin. But, more than just being washed, it is about the struggle we feel when we feel the tug of God's call on our hearts. "You and I" touches on a struggle with sin and the spiritual warfare involved. The track cleverly lays out what could have been Sampson's lament over Delilah. 

Best Song On The Record:
"Gray" has incredible depth lyrically, and it touches on recent social issues while calling the church to more action. It is also an Ohio all-star show featuring Gray's brother Taelor and Tragic Hero. It isn't a song that can be listened to once; instead It is a song to sit with. The chorus is an exhortation to the listener - "There's a Heaven and we all wanna go/Does anybody wanna fall on the sword/Take my hand, I just want you to know/Healing begins when you call on the Lord."
For Fans Of:
Stevie Wonder, Brian Reith, Trip Lee, KB 

Final Word:
Christon Gray is a rule breaker, and he doesn't fit neatly within one genre. Rather, he blends them together, making something that can only be his own. His journey over the years has been the tale of the underdog, but this is an artist that should not be counted out or brushed aside. Clear The Heir is an album that will be revisited years from now and considered groundbreaking in its own right.

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