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A Dynamic Duo
Posted September 11, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
The artistry of Jason Gray needs no introduction--if you've been around Christian music for long, you're no stranger to the radio hits and countless songs of encouragement the singer/songwriter has offered up for over a decade now. Likely one of the best songwriters this genre has seen, Jason pairs his deep lyrics with calming melodies that have long made him a fan favorite. Now pairing up with his son, budding producer and skilled musician Kipper Gray, Jason offers his newest collection of anthems: The Kipper Gray Sessions

What it Sounds Like:
While Jason has had his fair share of high-energy tunes, the majority of his catalog tends to sway towards more mellow tracks. With this EP, though, Jason's gift of tackling fun pop melodies with ease gets a chance to shine in a way it never has before. Thanks to the already-exceptional production and talent of Kipper, these songs show a much more pop side of Jason's craft than we often get to hear.  

Spiritual Highlights:
The themes on this EP range from the importance of community ("Mountain") and loving yourself as you are ("Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"), to the beauty of life ("Love Life") and the patience in growing as a person ("Becoming"). But, in each of those topics, there are lyrics that point to Christ. Once more to the credit of Jason's stellar songwriting skills, these songs wrestle with general life topics while still tying in powerful bits of faith. 

Best Song on the Record:
The sole ballad on this record, "Becoming," stands out to me as the best song here. While each track carries something special, this one is stripped back enough to really focus on the meaningful lyrics without losing that great underlying production. Wrapping up the EP with a powerful message, the bridge offers the lines that clinch this as the highlight track-- "It's progress, not perfection / Not a rival, it's direction / it's the living and the learning / not the finish line, but the journey.

For Fans Of:
David Dunn, Andrew Peterson, Tenth Avenue North, Jonny Diaz
Final Word:
Simply put: Jason and Kipper are a dynamic duo on this project. A father and son working together is a sweet concept in itself, but the end result here is truly something to pay attention to. The combination of Jason's long-matured songwriting and Kipper's groovy production chops go hand in hand, making for a Jason Gray EP we won't soon stop listening to.

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