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Debut Rocker Declares War on Life's Challenges
Posted September 05, 2018
By MattDurlin_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Suzy Martinez is back with the debut from her new hard rock act, ZahnaRed For War has already garnered national attention on the mainstream rock charts, as Rockfest Records continues to demonstrate it has significant staying power in the Christian rock space.

What It Sounds Like:
Suzy Martinez shows off her vocal range and impressive control out of the gates on “Unshaken” and “Misery” with a sound that will remind fans of a female-fronted RED. Zahna features Martinez’s powerful vocals – both when she sings and when she screams, demonstrating beautiful command over her voice.

Rock fans will not be disappointed with both the style – which incorporates all the important aspects of a solid hard rock album with heavy guitars and steady, driving percussion – or with the lyrical content that address difficult subjects that are often well addressed by rock and hip hop. “Divided Nation” is one example of this depth of conversation, speaking about how separated among political lines we have become in America.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
Red For War was born out of a season of challenges for Martinez, which naturally leads to deeply spiritual highlights throughout the record. 

"I can let this bitterness fester inside of me, or I can fight the devil," Martinez says of recent trials which inspired the project. "Every disappointment is just a setup for something greater--not because we deserve it, but because we're children of God. We have that right as daughters and sons of God. At the end of the day, we win, no matter what."

Was I Bad” is among the most impressive rock tunes on the album, but also encourages listeners to remember that we are not our past mistakes, and provides a message of hope:

Look at my past / All the broken pieces that didn’t last / All the voices saying I was bad / And everything I am is wrong  and You’ve gotta take my falls / ‘Til you’re buried in these walls / I hope it’s a battle that you can win.

The final track, “Edge of the Earth,” is a rock ballad with a theme of redemption and grace that will speak to all of us on allowing God to take our sins to the edge of the earth:

Your love poured out / And darkness has no power At the edge of the Earth.

Red For War delivers on spiritual matters and dives deep into topics of emotional battles within as well as the hope we have in a saving grace.

Best Song on the Record:
Underneath” is a single that had a strong debut and continues to impact both Christian and mainstream charts, making it one of the top tracks on this project.

Another favorite is sure to be the in your face “Your Gun My Knife,” which is a powerful tune that challenges the traditional decision tree and impact of money within the music industry.

Zahna delivers a smashing, successful debut, easy and enjoyable to rock out to from front to back.

For Fans Of:
RED, Lacey Sturm, ILIA

Final Word:
Suzy Martinez, the former lead singer of ILIA, crushes the debut project of Zahna by smashing the Christian and mainstream rock charts.

Listen on iTunes and Spotify.

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