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Just A Great Vibe
Posted July 31, 2018
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Jonathan McReynold's new album reveals a dynamic voice and refreshing songwriting. He has quickly gained the ear and admiration of several CCM and mainstream artists. Factor in awards and accolades and Jonathan could easily rest on his laurels, bask in the attention and become a lazy, one verse/one chorus, writer, but he is far from that.

What it Sounds Like:
Make Room feels incredibly cozy and personal. This intentional “living room” vibe is basically an unplugged album chalked with memorable songs (and reprises). Songs like the relatable “Cycles (featuring DOE)” and “Better” will cause an introspective time of reflection that many great sermons serve to do. The arrangements are almost uncanny, leaving me scratching my head. The energy is high on “Great Is the Lord” and he takes it to church with the tag, “He’s just too good to just be good.” Tonya Baker and Corey Barksdale each get a “piece” as they add their respective adlibs. I cannot get enough of “L.R.F.(Keep on Doin’ Better)” featuring Darrell Walls and his brother Alic along with Latice Crawford. It is just a free-for-all good time as they incorporate a few different songs into this reprise of “Better”.

Spiritual Highlights:
There are so many nuggets and songs that take you from worship to getting your priorities to breaking hurtful cycles. Jonathan writes songs that are great for the “whole man.” He also challenges us to remember to keep Jesus as our top priority in “Make Room” while giving out total trust on the beautiful ballad “Lover Of My Soul.”

Best Song on the Record: 
Comparison Kills” is the most impactful song on the album. This ballad features only Jonathan on vocals and Andres Nordstrom on guitar. I find myself gravitating to this song because the lyrics are so identifiable and cleverly written in certain spots. Jonathan’s solid tenor nails it every time.

For Fans Of: 
Travis Greene, Doe Jones, India Arie, David Dunn

Final Thought:
Buy this album! It is so worth it and will make an impact on your life.

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