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Transparent Perfection
Posted June 30, 2018
By JoshuaGalla_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
This EP is the second installment of four scheduled throughout 2018 following Part 1 that released back in January that featured breakout single,  "Not To Us/Good Love." The exuberant, high-level energy that Steven Malcolm exhibits on stage is born from the hope present in his lyrical content. Bar for bar, few other rappers mimic the transparent weight of what Malcolm offers, enabling fans to connect to his music on a much more personal level.

What It Sounds Like:

An infusion of worship ("Even Louder"), international ("The Second City," "Fuego"), EDM ("Been There"), and trap sounds ("On Ten") could be a sonically chaotic nightmare. However, Malcolm bridges various sounds to precision and excellence. Malcolm spans across various cultures without skipping a beat between island, Spanish, and electronic sounds. It's a breath of fresh air to escape an oversaturation of albums that are smothered in trap. Malcolm offers incredible wordplay that is only fully appreciated after repeated listens, and I found myself hitting pause and going back, again and again, to make sure I didn't miss a line. Tough to do as there's so much to unpack in every track! The level of transparency, biblical truths, and life experiences Malcolm is pulling from is nothing short of phenomenal.

Spiritual Highlights:
Malcolm definitely wears his heart and faith on his sleeve. Every track pours out of a period of who he was prior to being born again in Christ, and the entire EP brings praises to Jesus. Listeners will have no problem capturing spiritual or biblical references throughout the EP. 

Best Song on the Record:
Without question, "Even Louder" featuring Leeland reigns as my personal favorite. There's something so unique when hip-hop and worship collide. The redeeming nature of Christ is highlighted and glorified. There is transparency multiplied when you can surrender to the worship of a loving God. 

For Fans of:
Corey Wise, Angie Rose, KB or Dru Bex

Final Word:
Steven Malcolm is, above all, a masterful lyricist who is just now starting to leave his mark on CHH. His cadence and wordplay are unmatched by few within the genre. The Second City: Part 2 fuses substantial faith-filled lyrics with incredible beats. These past two EPs have offered listeners a distinct journey into the heart and mind of a believer and individual saved by grace. That's something we all can relate to.  

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