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Posted November 22, 2017
By jaysmusikblog, Staff Reviewer

In 2006, we first heard Jeremy Riddle with the debut single "Sweetly Broken," which stayed on Billboard's Hot Adult Contemporary Chart for twenty weeks (peaking at #17). The enthusiastic young worship leader then released four albums with Vineyard Music before becoming the worship community pastor of Bethel Church in 2011. He has appeared on most of Bethel Music's worship albums, delivering worship anthems such as "To Our God," "God of the Redeemed," "Furious" and "This is Amazing Grace."

Six years after his last album Furious, Jeremy has released his debut solo album with Bethel Music, titled More. Riddle dives deep into spiritual hunger, exploring the endless possibilities of adventures with God that are yet undiscovered. While his mature vocals and heartfelt lyrics are better than ever, Riddle mixes up the tempo with each track; the album is deeply worshipful, but it also contains rich beats that leave the listener eager to hit repeat. 

The title track opens the album with an infectious disco beat. Jeremy's vocals soar as he cries out to discover the deeper things of God: "When you move, I can't recover / I get wrecked when I rediscover more / When You speak, I see new colors / And all my heart longs to uncover more." This is an excellent opener to the album, leading into "Even If (All the More)." It has a synthetic drumbeat as Riddle resolves to praise Jesus all the more through defeat or heartbreak. These deeply passionate lyrics aren't just a reflection of Riddle's heart; they also encourage the listener to worship, leaving their burdens at Jesus' feet. 

"It Only Gets Stronger" is my personal favorite track off More. With peaceful echoes and an acoustic guitar backing, this song celebrates that our journey with God only goes deeper and stronger as we grow. It also showcases Jeremy's excellent songwriting, especially in the bridge that beautifully describes Jesus' love that makes all lies and fear disappear. With the same theme of God's love, "Overwhelming" follows with a light techno beat. 

The hymn-like "All Hail King Jesus," featuring a co-write by Bethel's Steffany Gretzinger, extols the risen King Jesus as victor over death and sin. With descriptive lyrics and excellent building throughout, it's no wonder that this song is already being sung in churches around the world. With a fun vibe, "No Fear in Your Love" calls us to run into God's love and receive the healing that He brings. The bridge is particularly notable: "I run into Your presence / I come as I am." 

In "Holy Ground," Jeremy gently sings from Exodus 3:5: "Holy, holy, You are Holy / We are standing on Holy ground." Stronger guitars and strings come in along with ethereal effects, culminating in a heavenly sound. It leaves the listener in awe, not just because of the breathtaking music, but also because of Jesus' holiness. Almost a sequel to the previous track, "Sing to My Heart" is a delicate prayer that in our most broken moments, Jesus would sing to our broken hearts. Though mostly serene, Jeremy cries out as all instruments strongly build, leading to the powerful closing chorus. 

In celebration style, the upbeat "Love Like Fire" describes dancing before the Lord like David the King in 2 Samuel 6. On the digital version of More, a beautiful three-minute intermission track titled "Yeshua" follows, a musical reprise of the previous track. "Shadow" tackles identity issues and shame from the Father's perspective. Soft, sweet and a bit emotional, this song lets us hear God's heart crying out over His lost children: "Even though you're just a shadow of yourself / I still see who you are/ I still love who you are." With a bit of a futuristic feel, the soft "Made in Love" closes out the album as Jeremy again celebrates God's powerful love which is worth living for. 

The Bottom Line: More is a solid collection of heartfelt cries for more of God and a hunger to understand His love on a deeper level. It celebrates this love which heals and restores us and brings us through our toughest times. Jeremy Riddle's rough vocals bring this message strongly, while creative rhythms leave the listener coming back for more. Though this is a powerful worship album, it's also a fun album to enjoy!

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"It Only Gets Stronger" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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