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No Pretense with 'Transparency'
Posted October 03, 2017
By MarcusHathcock_NRT,

"Gonna blow the lid right off of this," is how Terrance McCoy introduces himself to us on the first track of his first album, Transparency. And he goes on to do just that. 

With the independent release of this project, Terrance McCoy lets us experience God's goodness in his life. The pop/rock singer-songwriter endured loss, abuse, addictions and hopelessness before God's redemption powerfully and radically rescued him. What we hear from the Louisiana native is 8 tracks that both confront and process his past, while giving God the glory for His rescue. 

Styles abound on this project, ranging from Southern bayou rock to contemporary pop to dance rock to vertical worship. I found myself going back in time, listening to the earlier works of CCM powerhouses Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore, with some classic rock and even a bit of Neil Diamond thrown in. Some songs deploy instruments like slide guitar and electric piano, while others deploy synth elements and even a choir.

Thematically, there are many beautiful moments, driven by McCoy's powerful story. McCoy includes definite recurring word pictures of God never leaving his side. "With Me Always" is an uptempo, danceable track that declares, "I could lose everything, Your love would still remain." The song "I Am Yours" has a bit of a nightclub crooner kind of feel, with the jazzy, erratic vocal rhythms and chord structure, but sings out, "I have no doubt when I call you're going to be around."

There's also a fair number of the youth group anthem-type songs, the big arena ones you want everyone singing together in unity, such as album highlight "Put A Little Love In It," which talks about doing the "little things" in life to make the world better, and "Boxed," which crowds could easily unite in singing, "My mind... my heart... my love will not be boxed in / I will not be boxed." Similarly, "We Dance" declares how we dance to the songs God is singing.

"So Close", "Dwell" and "Burn" are all intimate depictions of McCoy's relationship with God. On "So Close," he declares that he feels near to God. On "Dwell," he asks God to make his heart his home, and on "Burn" he repeatedly uses fire references inviting God to consume him. 

The Bottom Line:
Terrance McCoy is a heartfelt songster whose passion for his lyrics and themes comes through on this appropriately titled album, Transparency. He fills a unique niche in Christian music by making fresh, new songs that carry with them the indisputable DNA of contemporary music days gone by.

Fans of 1990s-era Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore will breathe a huge sigh of relief here, while today's fans will come in contact with a distinct voice and style that is very different from what they're hearing on radio. He delivers something unique, plain and simple. It would be interesting to hear Terrance stay in his upper register, delivering some epic rock ballads and shredding singles, as I think it would better suit his voice, but for people longing for the heart-on-your-sleeve, transparent Christian pop/rock of the past, there will be lots to love here. 

Song to Download Now:
"Put A Little Love In It" (iTunes / Spotify)

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