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Unstoppable Anthems Of Christ
Posted July 19, 2017
By BraddenFord_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Singing mainstream metal and Christian pop, who's heard of that? 
Matty Mullins, singer/songwriter of mainstream metal band Memphis May Fire, did just that. Having grown up on Christian music since a kid and still listening to it, its no surprise that Memphis May Fire's lyrics do hold a Christian approach. Memphis May Fire's lyrics are a light to the metal scene but with strong and outspoken faith like Matty Mullins there's a lot more you can do. Matty Mullins came out with his first solo Christian pop album in 2014 (which is one of my favorite album's) and is back taking it a big step up.

The album starts off with "Say It All" a pop/electro track with a strong message that actions speak louder then words. The track shows the importance of listening to others and changing the world by our actions, other then our words. "I Choose You" slows down the dance beat we had from last track into a contemporary beat. The message is about instead of living how we feel, to choose Jesus everyday so we can live free. The first released track off the record (and my favorite) "Unstoppable(feat. Jordan Feliz)" shines a light into a broken world that His light still shines and nothing can stop His love, which is the answer to all our problems.

"Go The Distance" slows down the dance but continues in a pop song that gives glory to Him, who died for us even though we are full of sin, who left everything behind for us, who cares about us, who hears us, and answers us every time. His love will go on and on to reach us and too write us back into His story. "Brand New Fire" throws back on the electro and pop/dance beat we had at the first track. "Brand New Fire" is a rejoicing song of when He saves us with a new fire for Him, a fire that restores us and makes us feel alive. "Christ Be Magnified" is a pop/worship song were there's nothing to sing but praises and glory to Jesus Christ, the risen One who sets us free!

Back into the dance/pop sound, "The Great Unknown" is about breaking away from the world and letting Him lead us. Sometimes He's leading us where waters seem to deep but that's where He changes us into who He's called us to be. God wants us to know Him more just like we want to know Him more but we need to be ready to leave this world behind to follow Him and for Him to take us where we can grow to Him. This song has helped me this year to let Him take me deeper then I've ever known and has become one of my favorites of the album. "The Best Is Yet To Come" is the only song not wrote by Matty Mullins on the album but comes out has a highlight track. A contemporary/pop track with a bold message that no matter how good things get in life, for us who believe, Jesus is yet to come! Has the lyrics say: "one day You will right all wrong, and every nation, tribe, and tongue, join has one, sing Your song, the best is yet to come"!

"You Can" to me is part two of "The Great Unknown" in wondering 'why am I here in the unknown'? Sometimes going into the unknown can have challenges and mountains that seem impossible to move. There's not a single mountain however that's impossible for Him, for we are weak but He is strong so we don't have to fear anything. Closing the album is a pure and honest worship song, "Until I Need You". This song, co-wrote by Matthew West, is a prayer for letting God take away everything of this world until we known we need Him. The world is full of useless things that keep us away from God and His plan for us. We need to be able to let them go, we need to always remember Christ is the only solid ground, we need to know He is the only one that can truly satisfy us. Like the lyrics say: "there's a kingdom come that waits for me, so I lay my treasures at Your feet, let nothing ever come between, the kingdom come that waits for me".

This album was the best album I've ever heard. A true, unashamed, powerful, fun, Christian pop album with a message that inspires and gives the hope of Christ. Matty Mullins took it to a whole new level since his last solo album with a more pop and unashamed approach but still having the same positive message. Several of the tracks have become my favorite songs and others have greatly ministered to me. All and all this is a five star rating that I wish I could rate and support even more. God Bless :)

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