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Whimsical Wonder
Posted July 21, 2016
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Belmont alum Katy Kinard is a faith-driven lyricist, singer, guitarist and pianist focused on fully embracing her journey and drawing closer to Christ. Vocally and lyrically channeling artists such as Nichole Nordeman, Katy brings a sweet presence into every song she sings. Since 2005, she has released four albums: Headed Back, You're Still Better, Lullaby Hymns: The Weary Soul, and her latest record God Of Fireflies.
God Of Fireflies combines both the whimsical and deep sides of faith and carefully crafts lyrics that offer different perspectives on subjects such as love and life. The album title suggests a sweet and inventive collection of songs--exactly what Katy delivers with this 11-track project.
"That's Our Home" begins the album by displaying Katy's silvery vocals, sonically resembling the feel of a fun country song and even including a key change near the end. Again opening with her hauntingly beautiful voice, "God's Doorstep" and "Be Like You" tell stories of love and life's journey. The title track comes next, adding the whimsical element to this album: "God made fireflies for days like this / it's all in Your design / they fly for kids to find / praise be the God of fireflies."
Bringing up the tempo, the last half of the album gets a bit peppier in places. "When You Found Me" talks of the beauty that can be seen when God finds us in our messes, while "Sunshine" is a love song of sorts and "Just The Same" is an intense track with a upbeat chorus and vocally strong bridge.
Slower "God Of Hope" is a heartfelt prayer that features Katy softer vocal tones before leading into instrumentally stripped-down and lullaby-like "Human For Me" that focuses on the infant life of Jesus. The album comes to a close with sonically appealing "Revelation 3."
The Bottom Line: God Of Fireflies is a fun listen from beginning to end, focusing on the character of God and injecting whimsical lines into a deep collection of songs. Enhanced by Katy's creative and soulful voice, these tracks take on a beautiful form and create the perfect soundtrack for any listener to enjoy.
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"When You Found Me"

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