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New Name, Same Misfits
Posted May 24, 2016
By MarkRyan_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Fresh from their recent signing with Capitol Records, Social Club, now known as Social Club Misfits, released their most recent EP The Misfit Generation on May 6. Since their last outing, Marty and Fern have both released solo projects, Marty got married and, most recently, they joined label mate NF on the Therapy Session Tour. 

This newest project proves that not all artists "sell out" once they sign with a major label. Social Club Misfits deliver the same provocative and fun-loving lyrics alongside the same hard-hitting beats that brought them this far. 

The project opens in classic misfit style with "Wavemasters," a track featuring Pastor Chris Durso from Misfit Church in New York. For those new to the Social Club family, Durso has appeared on each of Social Club's previous albums in a very similar fashion. Also featuring on the track is Aha Gazelle. These intro tracks continue to introduce new listeners and reinforce to long-time fans the mission and vision of Social Club Misfits. 

"Marriage Goals" interjects typical Social Club humour while dealing with something as serious as marriage. Whether it's newlywed Marty or veteran Fern, we get the honest truth from these guys in every bar.

Newcomers Tree Giants join the Social Club family on the radio friendly single "Courage." This track has garnered plenty of attention and was the lead single from the EP. The melodic vibe matched with a hard hitting kick drum fits perfectly into any summer playlist.

The project closes with the title track "The Misfit Generation." With this track it becomes evident that Social Club Misfits fit perfectly with NF on Capitol's CHH roster. Marty and Fern have never shied away from serious topics on their albums, and this song tells us exactly who the album is for. It is for the misfits, those who are unaccepted, not for a particular race or social class, but for every person who has felt rejected in their lives. This is real music for a generation who are tired of being pandered to, and with a major label finally promoting such a message, perhaps the misfits won't feel like rejects much longer.

The Bottom Line: Social Club Misfits may have changed their name, but with a larger platform than ever, their unchanging message of hope and accepting yourself as God created you can truly reach a new generation of misfits.

Song to Download Now:
"The Misfit Generation" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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